Friday, September 23, 2011

guest poet and birthday boy

Here it is 7:23 am and we have already had the speed version of birthday cards and breakfast in bed, but what shall I post for Poetry Friday???

Never fear--Granddad is here, with his customary hand-lettered card on heavy cream stock incorporating birthday poem written just for the occasion!  See if you can detect why it brought me both a pang and surge...

DUN [yes we] CAN | DUN CAN'T

Duncan's nine!
Isn't that just fine?
Better than eight
(Though that was great);
One more and then--
You're really ten.
But take the time
To be just nine;
No need to rush,
To shove and push.
For nine is cool,
And as a rule
All boys this age
Must turn a page,
And leave behind
(Like some cheese rind)
Those childish tricks
Get you in fixx.

We count on you, young man; don't drift
Against the flight path of your gifts,
But use that busy brain of yours
For better, best; forget the flaws;
To be your better self with pride
Brings happiness deep down inside.
And does the same for all your others,
Sister, grandparents and mothers;
Just think of us across the sea,
Your (much) Extended Family.
So Duncan, on your day this year,
Give us a present, please; let's hear
How good and grown-up  you've become,
A model boy for everyone.
This of this once a week at least;
And now enjoy your birthday feast!

~ Granddad Damian Grant 2011

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  1. So beautiful! What a very lucky boy and family to have a Grandad the rescue and to love. Thank you for letting us be part of your family-festivity day. Happy birthday, Duncan! xo,a.

  2. Happy Birthday to Duncan! What a nice tradition :).

  3. for a few years my dad wrote poem riddles for our birthdays, with clues that led us to our presents. i didn't think to keep them then, and i don't know why he stopped, but this reminded me so much of those poems. thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy birthday, Duncan!

    Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday this week!

    :-) Anastasia

  5. Many happy returns of the day Duncan! I agree, it really is such a treat to have a grandpapa for a Poet. What a treasure, the gift of words. :)


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