Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overheard in Kindergarten: I pledge allegiance

Here's this week's Tickle.  Post your poetic response in the comments!

Today in kindergarten we attempted to fulfill an objective which is perhaps the most developmentally inappropriate in the whole K curriculum:

Identify and describe people, symbols, and practices associated
with the United States of America.

Now, my little Minnows are a pretty sharp bunch, but even so, their concept of the US of A is just about nonexistent; they're still trying to work out "my school," never mind "my neighborhood," "my state" or "my nation."  All the same, we gave it a go, and had a close encounter with a brand new 8"x10" flag.  We observed with *all* our senses before we analyzed its color, shape and size attributes--which means that we actually even smelled the flag (although we did not taste it).

"Can you smell the flag?"  I asked.

Sarah said, somewhat perplexed,
"The American flag smells like bubbles."


  1. the school day over,
    a child waits for a bus.
    backpack swinging lazily on her shoulder,
    she blows bubbles skyward.
    they drift and loll,
    swirling up
    where they shimmer and
    kiss the flag.

  2. Nice, Tabatha! Wouldn't it be nice if dismissal time were that peaceful, with drifting, lolling and shimmering? Thanks for playing!

    Here's mine:

    I see it with my eyes,
    I pledge it with my hand,
    I try to say it with my voice,
    The words are tangled noise:

    allegiance united america
    republic nation indivisible
    liberty justice for all

    But let me count the stars
    Let me sniff those stripes
    Just let me march and wave it
    And it will be my favorite

    DRAFT Heidi Mordhorst 2011
    all rights reserved


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