Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OIK: and where is the yellow cube?

We're doing just a little more assessment in Kindergarten, trying to make sure that the few minutes of actual teaching I've had time to do between all the assessments has been worth it.  The children are supposed to answer some questions about the position and location of things like counting bears and unifix cubes.  This is fairly straightforward if you're a fluent English speaker ("at the top," "on the bottom") and even more straightforward if you're at a certain developmental age and stage ("right here," accompanied by a look that says, "What's wrong with your eyes, teacher?")

Then there are the kids who are positioned-and-located somewhere in between, like Bryon.  He recently arrived from an English-speaking African country and is "in progress" on this measure of mathematical concept acquisition.

Me, with an encouraging smile and a flourish as I place a yellow Unifix cube beneath but not touching my chin:
And where is the yellow cube, Bryon?

Umm....That might be a trick question. [with sudden insight]  I know!  Before your neck!

Maybe Bryon's trick answer makes you think of a poem located somewhere like mine below.  Leave it in the comments and I'll round up on Friday.


Before my neck

there was just a little necklet
which I wore laced with pearls
of baby powder, jewels
of new baby blink, charmed
with welcome kisses

Heidi Mordhorst 2011
all rights reserved


  1. Love the idea of creating poems about what's "overheard in kindergarten." And this one is terrific. :-)

  2. Hey, Heidi,

    Great idea for prompts! My poem veered off into someone giving a dog a piece of bacon. Weird how my wild mind works! Doesn't matter. I couldn't gotten there without your yellow cube.



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