Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OIK Tickle: snack foods of the world

Lunch time is so early for us that snack time is a necessity, around about 1:15 every day.  We were finishing off a very large box of graham crackers brought in by Talia, who is Chinese-American.

"These are the ones I brought in, right?"

"They're good!...I really like Chinese food."


  1. Adorable! I love me some (Chinese) graham crackers too. :)

  2. ooo! here's one i heard yesterday that i get to share with you!

    boy: who's in control?

    mom: the queen bee. she rules the hive and all the other bees work for her.

    boy: what about the king bee?

    mom: there is no king bee, only a queen.

    boy: what?! what kind of world is THAT?!

  3. Now, see, you got it right there! The beauty and poetry of seeing kids glow during these conversations. Priceless. Loved David's too. :)

  4. The words I've recently noticed and yesterday added to our wall of great overheard sentences aren't cute, but are important in their own way -- "I met my goal." (goal setting, self-monitoring progress) "Will you help me find a book?" (heard from two top readers, but what's more important is what followed for both girls -- I steered them to nonfiction on a topic they are interested in, they took a risk, and both are enjoying digging into the books I suggested) And "Can I take notes while I read?" (Adorable, sharp as a whip Chica who wants to be a doctor is reading a book about the human body. Of COURSE she can take notes! Med school can begin in 4th grade, don't you think??!!?? --she's one of the NF readers --)

    Teachers and parents: Listen, listen, LISTEN!!!


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