Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OIK Tuesday

Keeping it together in Room 166 is a big job these days.  Good work is getting done somehow, despite trials and tantrums, but there's not much left of me at the end of the day and what's Overheard in Kindergarten doesn't tend to be very poetic, especially out of my exasperated mouth.

However, there have been a couple of gems out of other mouths, including one from a Concepts of Print assessment that I conducted with a supersharp Level 1 ESOL student.  Please pardon my terrible Spanish, but I was trying to help him show everything he knew and that required me to be (as ma belle-mere once said of my French) "colorful and communicative."

Tell me, Elmer
from El Salvador,
Tell me:  What is this?

"Puntito!" Yes, it is!
It's a period in English,
but don't stop there--
Que dice el puntito?
Tu no sabes?  Never mind.

Y aqui, este marco,
what is this?  Conoces tu?
...A comma makes us pause,
ellipsis while you think...

Elmer, por favor,
what is this cutlass blade
atop a dot?

Eyes wide, sidelong glance,
leaning in, whispered breath--
You earn yourself
an exclamation mark.

~Heidi Mordhorst 2013

I so wish I could show you a 3-second video of his face when he whispered, "Misterio!"  The drama was gripping.  Go get gripped by more poetry (no doubt including some punctuation) with Dori today over at Dori Reads.

And now, rather belatedly, I need to thank somebunny once again for tagging me last week to do the Children's Poetry Blog Hop with Mortimer...if you didn't get there, please visit Laura Shovan's post and Janet Fagal's, and look forward to seeing Joy Acey's Mortimer Minute this week! Here's how it works:
1) Make up three questions you've always wanted to be asked in an interview about children's poetry and then answer them on your own blog (suggestion: use one question posted by the person who invited you to the Hop).

2) Invite one, two, or three other poetry bloggers to join the Hop. Children's poetry is preferred, but all poetry lovers are welcome.

3) In your post, list the names of the bloggers you invited and give the dates when they'll be posting for the Poetry Blog Hop.
Mortimer says, "Time for bed," and he's right....


  1. I think you conveyed "Misterio!" beautifully. Elmer is lucky you're his teacher!

  2. Heidi, I love these little peeks into your classroom. I don't know Spanish, but I loved hearing the sounds play around. This would make a good poem for two voices. Happy hopping!

  3. Hello there Heidi, even the utterance "Misterio" sounds beautiful. I took Spanish in college, such a beautiful language. I enjoyed your poem. Hang in there, you indefatigable teacher of young minds!

  4. You, dear kindergarten misterio, are a treasure!

  5. Oh, this is lovely! It's no misterio why you're such a wonderful educator, Heidi!

  6. Love that poem, Heidi! I'm sure your inspiring these kids more than you know.


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