Friday, October 4, 2013

mortimer bounces back... answer this question:

"What poem do you wish you had written?"

Oh--do you mean the one that came to me at a crucial moment in the development of a healthier, looser grip on, well, everything?  You mean the one that I printed out in turquoise and taped to the inside of the mug cupboard, so that I see it every morning whether it's a tea morning or a coffee morning?  You mean this one, by my friend Liz Steinglass?  This little miracle poem, packed with images both fresh and nostalgic? This one that reminds me that there is both celebration and shatter in every day, that flow takes practice and that laughter is the last word?

"Yes," says Mortimer, "this one."


Pool | Liz Steinglass 

Cool me.
Soothe me. 
Paint me blue and lose me.
Hold me.
Enclose me.
Show me how to flow.
My crashing,
Into splashing,
Collapse in waves
Of laughing.
When I’ve gone,
Sit still.

Thanks for letting me share this, Liz, and thanks for asking, Mortimer.
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  1. Beautiful, beautiful poem! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love, love, love this poem by Liz!

  3. Wonderful! I like your comment too - that: "there is both celebration and shatter in every day, that flow takes practice and that laughter is the last word. Yes!

  4. That poem really makes me think. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. It IS a little miracle of a poem! Just lovely, Liz! Thank you for sharing it, Heidi.

  6. Such a refreshing poem. I can feel the water glide through my fingers.

  7. Oh Heidi, thank you! I am truly honored.

  8. My mother-in-law is a swimmer. I will pass this poem on to her. I love a poet who can capture the truth in few words beating on your heart.

  9. Great pick! Gee whiskers, that rabbit is going to need a long sleep after this weekend!

  10. Liz is a talented lady, isn't she! As are you, Heidi. :) Thanks for the double batch of goodness this week.


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