Friday, April 25, 2014

npm travel journal 25: kensington, md

Yes, indeed--to celebrate National Poetry Monday today, we are stepping into my very own classroom here in Montgomery County, MD! This month the Mighty Minnows have once again considered the question What Do Poets Do?  They learned that
1) Poets choose to write about one small thing.
2) Poets choose words that sound good together.
3) Poets choose where to put their words.
4) Poets create strong feelings.
Then the Minnows tried doing some of those things themselves.  Without further ado, here is the work of my 17 kindergarteners (signed with their aliases)....

The Sky

the sky is a
beautiful land
a star in a
sky at night
and we
can see a moon

by Ananda

My Family

I love my family
They love me too
My mom cooks for me
My dad helps me do
my homework
I like my mom
and dad because
they love me

by Julee

                                                Hello Buffalo
Can I ride 
on you? 

What do you
sound like?


by Brendan

My Sisters

my sisters
play with me
my sisters
play with me

by Kailee

 The Sun

                                                When the sun wakes
up it sprinkles
upon my flowers!


Tuna Mouth

This tuna
was in a war with
three naughty tunas.

This tuna won!

by Jaiden

My Family

My daddy is a clown
My mommy is a butterfly
My sister is a flower
My brother is a playground
My self is a blanket
My cat is a dog!

by Nellie

 Transformer Cars

Two trillion         
 transformer cars
 Giant transformers
 have guns
 They fight the
 bad guys!

 by Antonio

My Mommy

I love my mommy
I love my family
too.  But no one
is better
than you!

by Julio

My Family

my mom is a rose

my daddy
is a button

I am a flower

by Valoria

                                                I Like the Sun

                                                the sun shines
so bright
can I go
outside to-

by Nate

The Turtle with Eggs

the turtle walks
so slow.
eggs of
the turtle.

by Wilmer

The World

I like the world
the world has lots
of things     it has
flowers and trees and
lots of clouds    I like
the world    do you
like it too

by Jazmyn


  Skylanders is a
  video game 
  I play  it a lot
  I make the Skylanders
  I make them fight the
  bad guys
  It’s exciting when I win!

  by Alex Andrew


We go on rides
I like rides that go
up and down
I like rides that go
I go with my mommy 
                                              and with my daddy

                                              by Leeah

Green Water

the green water
is going to explode

nobody is going
to jump in

the water has to get cooked
then we can pour the water in

by Robbie


I color a snowman
I color a flower
I color a rainbow
I color a leaf

by Sofie
As always, my favorite thing about these is that each child had an idea, something to say in a poem and an idea of how to say it best. Enjoy more National Poetry Month goodness today at The Opposite of Indifference with Tabatha!


  1. I love the freshness of these poems, Heidi! Hugs to all your students for letting us read these. I'm smiling about Junius' sunshine, Nellie's blanket-self, and Robbie's physics-defying water :-)

  2. What wonderful, creative minds! Congratulations, poets.

    Thanks for sharing these Heidi- a perfect way to start the day. My favorite title is "Hello Buffalo."

    Go, Mighty Minnows!

  3. What fun! I love the repetition of "my sisters / play with me" in "My Sisters," the image of the sun that "sprinkles upon my flowers," and the surprisingly original metaphors: "My brother is a playground / My self is a blanket" (!), "my daddy / is a button." You must love working with these kids!

  4. Do these Mighty Minnows get it, or what?!! Next time I wake with the sun, I must remember to go outside and get sprinkled on!

  5. I like the world, too--especially knowing these mighty minnows are in it! Thanks for the joy.

  6. Just what you said, "...each child had an idea, something to say in a poem and an idea of how to say it best."

    (I need a name for my fifth graders that is as wonderful as "Mighty Minnows.")

  7. I love these. Such new ways of seeing. How do they know where to break the lines?

  8. The World caught my eye - so inclusive, so all-encompassing. Thank you for sharing these treasures.


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