Sunday, April 6, 2014

npmtj 6: book spine poems in wayland, michigan

Our destination today is the elementary school library of Travis Jonker in Wayland, Michigan. Travis is not a Poetry Fridayer nor do I "know" him personally (maybe this post will change that), but he is well-known as the author of the 100 Scope Notes blog at School Library Journal online.

For several years Travis has curated a collection of book spine poems, a perfect poetry form for librarians and book collectors.  You take a selection of books and arrange them top to bottom to compose your poem from their titles.  Then you take a photo to document your creation, like so:

Cool, huh?  Not sure who the composer of this one is, but it's among my favorites in the gallery. Now I'll try, just from the shelves of my small "library lounge" at home... 

That was actually much, much harder than I thought it would be, yet so fun...but oh, I think I need a revision.  "The Arrival" should come before "this must be the place," don't you think? Is this poem called "Kettle Corn"?  (And now I have to go put all the books back!)

Travis will be accepting new photos and adding to the 2014 Book Spine Poem Gallery all month. Go here to read his introductory post, with tips for putting your poems together, and happy stacking! (Get it? stacking?  hee hee.)


  1. I agree. I tried this once and it was much harder than I expected it to be.

  2. It *is* tough to do! I like the one that was among your favorites. I had a hard time reading yours (maybe I need a "translation"?)


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