Thursday, March 26, 2015


Folks, the week has gone over the edge, not quite into the abyss but into freefall until I can catch my breath tomorrow afternoon, after STEM Night and about a hundred other things are sorted.  The best I can do right now is open the post, share the  perCH poems, and as yesterday keep my eye on the wonderfulness that you co-poets are bringing!

An Inflated Sense of Self

It’s a breathing meditation,
so I breathe.

I suck in oxygen cocktail and
blow my toes into berries
full of airy juice.
My knees balloon sweetly
into marshmallows.
I breathe into my behind and whoopee!
cushions of flotatious rubber pinkness
lift me off my chair.
I pinch open the valve of my navel
and blow up my belly.
I breathe into my spine:
I run it up the flagpole and every rib salutes.
The shoulders are hard, clenched tight:
I breathe in, and out and out again until
inflatable branches sprout around my ears
for the perching of exotic songbirds.
I blow down my arms which turn to ribbons
whipping and waving in a soft May gale.
I breathe into my own mouth and
the bellows of my lungs feed my tongue of flame;
I breathe through the top of my head
and my hair rises into
a creampuff crown of lightness.

When I am done breathing,
my chest and everything else
full of air,
I open my mouth to sing the great wonder
and it comes out

HM 2014
all rights reserved

Come perCH with us today on the branCHes of the PoeTree!

Charles is birdy and chatty too:

                                        THE MORNING NATTER

Perched upon wires
Under apricot skies,
Birds gossip about
Last night festivities.

(c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

Diane's is fishy and illustrated!

Donna's is birdy and beyond chatty:

Chickadee Perch

From his perch in the birch
The chickadee sings
In winters or summers,
But best of all springs.
When the robins are done
It's chickadee time
With back and forth banter
Their voices will chime.

"I am here, where are you?"
"I'm just over here."
"I don't see you yet, love!"
"I'm over here, dear."

"I'll hop over there then."
"I'll wait in this tree."
"I'll come and find you, My
Little Chickadee!"

Their chirping gets closer,
"Fee-bee, chick-a-dee";
One birch perch at a time,

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

Carol's is a little like mine, a different kind of spiritual (did I mention that I wrote mine during a UU service?):

When the wings of fate
fly into your sight and
throw an obstacle in your way,
reach out to find an anchor
that will guide your day.
Focus on the positive
but don't delay.

Perspective is everything!
Reflect and see
in the great expanse
what life can be.

Adventures await
with twists and turns.
Pause, look, and discover. 
You will need to discern.
The path stretches on
so don't be mislead
when careening slopes miles ahead.

Listen in silence to
the sounds around.
Embrace the stillness
as you journey down.
Brave the unknown
as only you can.

With the wings of faith
and knowledge today
may you find your ultimate way.
But if you dive into snow 
as a misstep of flight.
Remember the goal
is to endure the plight.

Look to the heavens
for you will then see
perched in the mountaintops
the Spirit of the Dove
who guides our path
with understanding and love.

 Keep 'em coming, folks!.......And Mary Lee does, with an old one that marries bird and fish:


Cedar waxwings flocked,
curious about my casts.
Calm fly rod: bird perch.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2013


  1. Nice collection today! Heidi, with your poem I couldn't help but envision one of those inflatable "dancing man" signs you see out front of tire store. Not exactly a spiritual vision, but it makes me smile. And what more can one ask for?


    On a perch
    outside my window
    sits a big
    Gila Woodpecker.
    He is swinging, swaying.
    He is playing.
    Drinking drinks
    full of nectar
    from my
    hummingbird feeder.

  3. Perch

    Sometimes I perch
    like a small gray
    bird at the edge
    of the day
    wondering whether
    I should take
    flight or just stay
    here on my branch,
    whistling away.

    —Kate Coombs, 2015

  4. Heidi, once again, your personal direction has guided us through the CH journey. Your poem is just what I needed to start my day what with a torn rotator cuff and a physical therapy regime=>I suck in oxygen cocktai. Thank you.l

  5. If Heidi can do it, then I can, too! Here's one from Poetry Month 2013:


    Cedar waxwings flocked,
    curious about my casts.
    Calm fly rod: bird perch.

    ©Mary Lee Hahn, 2013

  6. Threse are great. I ought to try one.

    Perfect perch
    Glide and search
    Wings closing
    Feet clutching
    Branches sighing
    Perfect perch.


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