Wednesday, March 25, 2015


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One of my favorite things about spring (among so very many) is that people drive with their windows open,  so you get to hear what they're listening to.

Snatches of Rhapsody

First warm days of driving
windows rolled down:
I catch
snatches of song,
muddles of melody,
hints of harmony
over engines
idling at the lights

I catch
booming basslines
dopplering down the highway,
horns echoing horns,
and sometimes even
with the windows up
I know what they're hearing
because I'm belting it too

HM 2015
all rights reserved

Can't wait to find out what everyone else is snatching at today!

Donna's up first today with a Gingery game--visit her blog to see the dog in question!  (I actually contemplated challenging you people to go a day without a dog, but I'm glad I reconsidered--we would have missed out on this.)

Snatch and Catch

Fish a tissue off her tongue - so many times that song is sung!
Snare a sneaker sneaked away - a never ending game to play!
Snatch my sock out of her teeth - and give it an RIP wreath!

       - This is just the game I play!  Please don’t take this stuff away!

Seize my towel, toss to clean - I don’t think I’m being mean!
Reclaim shirt, and now my boot - somehow they’re all seen as loot!
Confiscate that little screw - tucked in cheek to later chew!

        - I’m okay, I won’t get sick!  It’s really good stuff that I pick!

"Come", now "Sit", and "Drop it,  Pup" - Your "Snatch It" games are all washed up!
Your toys are all here in your bin-choose from here and we’ll both win!
No more snatching things from me-I'm catching on to your tricks, see!

        - These toys look good enough it’s true.  But they don’t smell a bit like you! 

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

Charles went to the doggy route too.  At least his culprit is apologetic, unlike Ginger:


Fido snatches his snack from my fingertips,
“That’s not nice.” I say. “You know better.”    
He snorts, chews, swallows, then licks
My hand before letting out a soft bark.
I smile; scrub the back of his ears, whisper,
“Apology accepted.” 

(c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

Carol snatches courage from the jaws of claustrophobia in this poem about her MRI experience.  Read more here.

I'm ready, Machine.
Ready to overcome fear.
Into your cavern I go,
first step forward for me.

With eyes closed,
music playing,
I seek support
to quiet my nerves.

Listen to your breath.
My yoga breathing 
starts to work 
until I think of  
the tight space-
the closed in feeling.
Backwards, I go.
Boom, boom, boom.
Machine, your reverberating beat 
snatches my quiet time away.

Panic, yes, on the verge,
but wait, I am supposed 
to be positive.
Machine, don't snatch 
my inner peace.
Don't be eager to
get the best of me.

Action of faith comes to mind.
Step forward into the light.
Eyes open to meet my fears.
It's only a white space.
Music comes back.

Knocking noises reverberate,
grow in strength.
Machine, don't snatch my positivity.
A gentle voice calls.
How are you doing?
Only six more minutes left.

Hope surfaces. 
Grounded in the belief
that I can succeed,
I seize the moment.
The music is soothing.
I listen intently for its
soft sounds drowning
out the pounding noise.

Machine, my nemesis
you once were, but now
my chariot to open
space and fresh air.
Laughingly, I snatch my
victory from the jaws
of your closed-in quarters.
I feel proud that I 
walk away the conqueror.

I'm going to need this poem someday--I'm the kid who could never go down the covered slide of claustrophobia!


  1. On Learning That Today I Will Get My SEVENTH New Student This Year

    Snatch me back from the edge.
    I might jump
    or I might fall
    and I'm not sure that thing about growing wings
    on the
    will actually work.

    ©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

    True story.

    7 of my (now) 27 students were not with us on the first day of school. That means about one-fourth of my class is comprised of new students. We are in about the 26th week of school, so that means I've averaged about one new student every month. No big deal? Imagine what that does to the classroom community you've worked so hard to build...and rebuild...and rebuild...


    1. Hang in there, Mary Lee. The edge is not waiting for you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Mary Lee,
      In fourth grade when I transferred in the middle of the year, I walked into my new classroom to meet my new teacher. I was scared, worried, anxious. I missed my old school, my friends, etc.
      My new teacher said, as I walked in the door, "Oh no! Not another one."
      I didn't feel very welcome. It was a terrible year.
      Please work to make each child feel welcome and special.

    4. Absolutely, Joy! My venting all took place in the poem. I never had to move as a kid, but I know how hard it is. He was glad to know that he wasn't the only one in the class who had been "the new student." He has already made friends and is fitting right in!

  2. No dogs for me today, however, I do have a cat (and a guest) in a tanka:

    from the other room
    winter guest
    hides bits and crumbs snatched
    while the cat and I slept

    Funny thing (not really), after I wrote this, my cat dispatCHed a guest. Being left with those kinds of morning gifts is not appreciated.

    1. Since I do not have pets, I can only imagine what awaits.

  3. Crows

    Crow snatches beetle
    from crow. Now black streaks spring sky
    with crow chase and caws.

    —Kate Coombs, 2015

  4. I am going to write for the Digital Playground Maker group where we are to lift a line. Here is my intro:

    Snatch al line.
    Be polite.
    Offer credit.
    It's only right.

    When you've snatched
    a wondrous quote
    be sure to thank
    the one who wrote.

    1. Carol
      I really like the message of this poem.

  5. Heidi, your Wayne World video is a great intro into your spring poem.

  6. Here's my contribution: Mama baked a batch
    Cookies from scratch
    So sweet
    So quiet were my feet
    when I sneaked in for the snatch

    1. Clever poem that a child would like because it is probably a motion they have been involved with.


    Open gate
    Latch it.
    Flying ball
    Catch it.
    Jigsaw puzzle
    Match it.
    Eggs in a nest
    Hatch it.
    Hole in my sock
    Patch it.
    Got a wrench
    Oh, a cookie
    Snatch it.

    I'm starting to feel very Valerie Worthian with all my small poems. This poem would be fun to try with two voices as a call and response.

  8. Joy, this may be my favorite of yours all month! What fun!


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