Friday, August 7, 2015

don't believe me just swatch

This week at The Miss Rumphius Effect Tricia asked us to write a "timeline" poem.  I thought it was the ideal moment to write about some old watches I was dispatching during this my Summer of Declutter.  I'll say no more since I'm having a devil of a time with formatting today, except that our Poetry Friday host is none other than my local friend Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference. 

don't believe me just swatch

NYC 1986
sidewalk knockoff
of subway art
radiant, baby, in black and red
Thanks, Keith


London 94 and love is all around
on a Sunday I buy a new watch,
wear it to some weddings
but no one we know needs a funeral
we’re lucky

timetumbler 1996 flung
weightless in the air over oceans
repatriated, do I come out
more polished?

Caterpillar Classroom 2001
sewing machine runs in fits and starts
patches of orangecoralpink & one red heart
4-year-olds keep me in stitches:
Mother’s Day quilt for my wrist

-Heidi Mordhorst 2015
 all rights reserved
photos from Swatch website


  1. I love this, Heidi. You have me now thinking about the watches of my life...and I am also connecting your cool poem to "Animals" by Miller Williams and this article, "Leaving Identity Issues to Other Folks" by Phyllis Allen. I may have to try a timeline poem. Thank you. And your new blog/site looks fantastic. Such a great idea! xo

  2. Ha! A devil of a "time"...pun intended or no...good one either way.
    I'll bet shoes would make a good "time travel". Just thinking of the shoes in the 50's, 60's, 70's....all the way through! I may give it a go with the shoes - "go" being an unintentional pun here...
    Thanks for sending me your books! Just got them and they are beautiful!
    May I share your ode next Friday? It is just beautiful. Thank you so much!

  3. The playfulness and affection in section four pulls me in every time I read it. (Do you know, Heidi, I never owned a swatch? I have barely owned any watches as an adult.)
    I read that article Amy linked to -- the author has spent half her working life in her car, selling Yellow Pages ads, which I suppose are becoming relatively obsolete. She wants to write when she retires... I hope she does. It seems like she must have so many stories. Maybe a timeline poem of her cars!

    1. Tabatha, how do you live without a WATCH? Actually I admire people who can do that.

    2. I haven't owned a watch for over 20 years. I became allergic to nickel and then just had too hard a time finding one, so learned to go without. iPhone has been quite a blessing!

  4. I, too, don't wear a watch anymore! I like the film reference--any movie with Hugh Grant in it is memorable in my book.

  5. I have a whole collection of analog watches (nary a working digital in the whole crew). I, too, could write a timeline based on them. I even brought a couple three or five back from Mom's to get new batteries and a new life on my wrist. If it's a sickness, at least it can be contained in one box on my dresser top...

  6. Yes, this is definitely a to-be-continued poem--I have LOTS more watches, every one analog, in my big glass goblet. The ones I have to let go have irreparable bands or hinges. The least I can do is immortalize them...

  7. Your life in swatch watches. How clever. I love how you've captured each one.

  8. Heidi,

    My comment just vanished in the ether.

    BTW, I have been having trouble formatting my posts with Blogger too. It gets really frustrating at times.

    I have never owned a Swatch. I have had some bad luck with watches, though. That's why I don't ever buy expensive ones.

    Enjoyed reading your "timeline" poem!

  9. These watches tell a wonderful story about you and your travels, Heidi. I love the Keith Haring Swatch. They were the height of cool.


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