Friday, February 8, 2019

an exciting announcement

I've known for about a month now about this new opportunity, but this week I received my first official communication as a member of the...  

NCTE Children's Poetry Awards Committee!

Our charge is
  • To recommend on a regular basis (every two years beginning in 2009) the name of a living American poet or anthologist to the NCTE Executive Committee to receive the NCTE Children's Poetry Award in recognition of his or her aggregate work.
  • To establish an annual list of Notable Poetry Books published in the current year by any poet, living or deceased, and of any nationality.
  • To establish an annual list of Notable Verse Novels published in the current year by any poet, living or deceased, and of any nationality.
  • To sustain a collection of poetry books of past and future award winners in the University of Minnesota, Kerlan Collection.
  • To recognize and foster excellence in children’s poetry by encouraging its publication.
  • To explore ways to acquaint teachers and children with poetry through such means as publications, programs, and displays.
I'll be joining a group of seven good folks who share these responsibilities and as you can imagine, I'm thrilled to be of service in this way and looking forward to  reading 75-100 books of poetry and novels in verse each year!

And now, an InstadraftTM of a sharing moment that occurred unexpectedly on Tuesday at the end of the day.  

My Tradition

is my tradition because I'm the only one!
The only one in my family 
born in China.
My mom and dad (can I tell their real names?)
were born in Texas; my sister too.
My brother was also born in the United States
(is New Mexico part of the United States?
in New Mexico. But I was born in China,
and I should tell you 
I'm adopted.

That's when your parents can't 
take care of you, and I went to an orphanage.
It's not sad, because three years later--
THREE YEARS--that's where 
my family found me and brought me home. 

So, Chinese New Year Is MY tradition.
We'll eat Chinese food
and maybe have some decorations 
and watch the parade in China 
with the dragon dance.
My favorite part is eating with chopsticks. 
Happy Year of the Pig!

©HM 2019                              

The round-up today is brought to us by Laura at Writing the World for Kids, I think.....parade on over and see what's happening!


  1. CONGRATS!! Wow, that is a mighty task! Wonderful.
    Happy year of the pig! Thanks for sharing your student's moment. Three years sounds like a long time to me -- I'm glad that she/he feels it's not sad and something she can share.

  2. Congratulations on your HUGE job assignment. But I know you will have fun reading, just not so much fun making such a big decision. Your poem makes me think of our friend Linda and her children from China.

  3. Heidi, you will be such a valuable member of this committee - congratulations and thank you for your service! And I am digging your "Instadraft" too. I love the optimism and gratitude of this child's perspective... Year of the Pig is my favorite... because I was born year of the pig. :) xo

  4. Congratulations, Heidi. You will be a part of poetry history, adding your expertise & joy with it. I've had more than one child in my classroom with "single" traditions like the child in the poem, wish I could have shared it with them.

  5. Happy Year of the Pig, Heidi - and congratulations! So exciting to be a part of such an important group.

  6. So fun! I know you're going to love your new job! And the Instadraft is wonderful.

  7. Congratulations, Heidi!!! Love to hear some good news for a change. And Happy Lunar Year -- wonderful poem. :)

  8. Congratulations, Heidi - what an important and impactful role you will play!

  9. Congratulations, Heidi. You are going to be a great addition to the group! This is the first I've heard of Instadraft, but your poem is wonderful! xo

    1. Oh, that's just me fooling around with a name for a poem that I've composed on the fly without any resting, percolation or revision! It will surely change in the future. Thanks for the compliments, you and everyone.

  10. You know I'm super proud of you and excited to see how much the poetry world gains from your good humor and experience and laser eye. Love the Chinese adoption story. Very close to my heart--especially the finding and bringing me HOME.

  11. Congratulations Heidi, sounds like a wonderful group to be a part of–and thanks for sharing this timely poem too!

  12. Love the poem and love your exciting news!

  13. Congrats on your wonderful news! You'll be fantastic! I really enjoyed your poem from that unexpected moment.

  14. Wow, Heidi--I thought I already commented on this, but I guess not. Congratulations! Your passion and poetry knowledge will make you a key part of the team!

  15. Congratulations! You will be a huge asset to the committee.

  16. Congratulations! That's such exciting news! Your TBR pile is going to be epic and bulging with poetry goodness!
    Thanks for sharing "My Tradition". I love the buoyancy and optimism of the first line...well, the whole poem, really. Happy Year of the Pig!

  17. Hooray and congratulations! I love the sense of pride in your tradition poem. Enjoy your reading!

  18. Congrats. They are lucky to have you.


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