Friday, February 22, 2019

paul b. janeczko 1945-2019

      for PBJ

Hey, You!
you set our
Worlds Afire
Poetry from A to Z

you built us a
Brickyard Summer
of Firefly Julys
on That Sweet Diamond

you gave us
A Poke in the I
A Kick in the Head

you put a
A Foot in the Mouth
of our speaking

you showed us
Birds on a Wire
looking up, looking down 
Seeing the Blue Between
Dirty Laundry Piles

meeting you in various
Stardust otels
thronged by starstruck poetry
Wing Nuts,
I would Feel a Little Jumpy Around You
Blushing with admiration, wishing we were 
Very Best (almost) Friends

you were a
Home on the Range
you are still the
Place My Words Are Looking For

but now
The Death of the Hat
feels like sitting on a cold
Stone Bench in an Empty Park

a spine poem ©HM 2019


The round-up today is hosted by Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge.  May it be a joyful wake of poets!


  1. Amazing tribute to the amazing body of work from Paul Janeczko. What a loss to the children's poetry world.!

  2. I think this is both brilliantly composed and so loving. I am so glad you wrote this Heidi.
    Janet F.

  3. I love this! Paul was one of my first favorite poets/poetry collectors. I am so sad he is gone!

  4. This is wonderful, Heidi, and celebrates not just the poetry, but the person. Thank you. xo

  5. What a creative way to showcase Paul's books. He leaves us with sad hearts and a great legacy of poetry.

  6. This wraps me in warm, feeling better, about our huge loss.
    Beautiful spine poem for a beautiful man.

    Many many appreciations.

  7. This is beautiful, Heidi. What a loving and thoughtful tribute.

  8. A wonderful tribute, Heidi - thank you for sharing. How he will be missed.

  9. So many of my favorite collections are included here, Heidi. Thank you for creating this brilliant celebration of Paul and his work.

  10. They fit together amazingly smoothly -- well done, Heidi.

  11. Pretty amazing that you were able to create this snappy and endearing poem so quickly after news of his passing. I am kinda wowed by the feel of the virtual calling hours....sitting shiva for someone so beloved in our community. Your words bring comfort and a smile that I know well from mourning. Thank you, Heidi.

  12. I read this on twitter, Heidi, a loving poem for PBJ that I imagine he would love, too. He gave us many gifts that we'll continue to love.

  13. A wonderful tribute that makes my heart ache. I imagine he's writing his words in the stars these days.


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