Thursday, September 26, 2019

the return of OIK only now it's OIPK which is not as easy or fun to say

Yes, friends--as I hoped, my teeming, thriving PreK classroom is giving off all the right kinds of emissions.  So many INTERESTING words, phrases, ideas are clouding the atmosphere at any given moment that my more elderly brain can barely sequester them!

And so, in the tradition established in 2011, I now bring you OIPK Friday, an occasional series in which (sure, you can join me if you'd like, but I'mma just go for it here on my own) I post a bon mot Overheard in PreK and then write a poem about it.

To kick us off, last week I had the surprising pleasure of teaching 4yos to drink from the water fountain near the gym. "We have one in our room, too," I said.  After this first effort, Noah came up the next day and did his little pat-pat-pat-pat-no wait there's more-pat-pat-pat-pat-pat on my arm and said, "Ms. Gordmorse, can you show me where the water mountain is?"

The Water Mountain

the bear went over the mountain
the bear went over the mountain
the bear went over the mountain
to get a drop to drink

Look at the shining
hill of water as it
pops shockingly up
arcs unpredictably
over your nose
into your eye
runs down your chin
but your mouth

the other side of the mountain
the other side of the mountain
the other side of the mountain
was not what he could drink

That shining
hill of water
drops through
thin air
and disappears
before the bear
can wrap his
lumbering tongue around
the glassy wet column
of nothingness

 ©Heidi Mordhorst

The round-up today is with Carol at Beyond Literacy Link, where she shares just one small part of her summer gallery.  Float on over for a mountain of goodness!


  1. Brilliant! So much fun! I want to patpatpat you on the arm and tell you how much I love this, Ms. Gordmorse!

  2. You don't mind if I call you Ms. Gordmorse from now on, do you? I love that they are giving off the right kind of emissions :-)

  3. The water mountain! Oh Heidi, your poem and its inspiration makes me smile and smile. Thank you. xo

  4. This is going to be a fun ride with you, Heidi. From the mouth of babes comes a new splashy poem.

    splish, splash-
    the water mountain sprays,
    shoots right up my nose
    dribbles down my chin
    and shrieks with joy!

    Just a bit of fun my head to yours, Heidi. (Now my quick write is revised for your perusal.)

  5. LOL! oh, my gosh.....I should not have tried to sip my tea while reading this post. so fun and funny! I love Noah already. I love the water mountain. I can feel the joy of your time with these littles just dripping from your laughing mouth.

  6. PreK is so much fun. Their imaginations are so unfiltered. We should all have a water mountain.

  7. I'm still smiling from this delightful post and poem of yours Heidi, what a treat to have them for inspiration–love the poem. thanks!

  8. Oh, it's wonderful to share such an experience from the mouth of a four year old! I won't forget that 'water mountain', Heidi.

  9. OH my...such fun! I smiled all the way to the water mountain and back. I'm looking forward to more treasures out of the mouths of your preK student and through your poetry pen.

  10. What a delight! I suspect that your OIPK posts will quickly land among my favorites. Oh, I could just read this again and again all day long. Such a joyful, small moment you've captured and framed with your trademark brilliant creativity!

  11. Love this, Heidi! So joyful! It reminds me of my own kiddos' struggles to get that "water mountain" drink :)

  12. Oh so delightful Heidi! I was in a kindergarten classroom on Friday. It was a glorious treat to watch 16 four and five year olds all all dressed up engaged in magical play! I will try to pay more attention to my 27 month granddaughters language and play. Yesterday she entertained my husband and I by hiding and finding her balls. You have inspired me to write this:

    Hide the ball
    In the same place
    In plain sight

    Where the ball go Gramma?

    I don’t know Ada
    Where did the ball go?

    I find it Gramma
    See here the ball!

    Is it Gramma’s turn to hide the ball?

    No I do it!

    Repeat 100 times or so.

  13. Hahahahaha! Oh, Ms. Gordmorse, can you tell me another one, pleeeeeeeease? Actually a whole book of them would be good. :D


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