Friday, October 29, 2010

SPARKs fly

As I noted some weeks ago, I'm participating in SPARK 10, an online collaboration project between artists and writers. This painting is by Delores Ekberg of Piedmont, SD. Here's how she describes the work: "This is watercolor on rice to do. You crumple rice paper, attach it to illustration board with acrylic matt medium, then brush color on the creases, or "rub" color on the creases...I used colored pencils...then use watercolor to make a picture of whatever you see coming out of the textures."

Here's my poem (probably not my final draft) inspired by the art. Ooh, I hope she likes it!


blossoms in autumn from
crumpled trunks
rootrippled river
from wrinkled tips of twigs

hangs lowswinging
among elderly leaves
dripping dry mineral hues

falls to ground
lies in brittle layers
sinking to siltsoil taking down
swallowed sunlight

sends up heat

is wisdom

Enjoy all the poetic richness of Poetry Friday this week with Toby at The Writers' Armchair.

P.S. Two notes to all my PF friends:
1) I apologize for receiving all your kind comments and regularly failing to return the favor. I shall try to do better now that my teaching life is settling down.
2) Will you be at NCTE? Let me know!


  1. If I were the artist, I would be thrilled! What a beautiful match..."swallowed sunlight sends up heat in wisdom". Today fall will look different to me because I woke to these pieces of art. The word play is magnificent here! See you at NCTE! A.

  2. Ditto what Amy and Toby said, and my favorite words are "rootrippled river."

    See you at NCTE!

  3. Oh, this is beautiful, Heidi. Such a rich poem! Have fun at NCTE!

  4. Lordy, lord lord I love your writing Heidi! You got the gift!


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