Thursday, November 17, 2011

feeling small: from NCTE in Chicago

Thursday was a beautiful day in Chicago, and not just because I'm here all on my own for four days.  I arrived for the NCTE Convention early enough to be a tourist, and although the temperature was a bracing 33*, the sky was as blue as in the (stock) photo.  Millenium Park is a marvel.  Here's #17 in MyPoPerDayMo.


I swim the serpentine spine of a
steel-shingled leviathan

it skims the base of a canyon of coral
steeples skinned with glass scales

even deeper, schools of flashing
fish swarm north and south

a lattice of ribs arches above
the sea bed, something shipwrecked

nearby a steely cephalopod
crouches enormously over its cave

I’m one of the
slow-motion minnows
that bumps its nose bumps its nose
against a shiny sea-cloud, asking

in all this vastness
where am I?

Heidi Mordhorst 2011
all rights reserved

I'm looking forward to greeting some PF regulars in person for a change!  For those enjoying it from the comfort of their own homes, Poetry Friday is with my neighbor Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference.


  1. I like your poem! Some day I'm going to go to that conference...

  2. Your writing always amazes me, Heidi. And in the midst of all this great description and existential questioning, you toss in, "that bumps its nose bumps its nose" - how fun! -- A little (a lot)jealous about the NCTE convention - have a wonderful weekend.

  3. lovely, and fun. i really love that steely cephalopod.

  4. It sounds just like a big city, you, tiny minnow, surviving. Hope you enjoy the swim!

  5. You use such delicious words in this! Very fun.


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