Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OIK: nothing to see here

No one said anything ticklish in Room 144 this week.

Well, they did--lots of things--but it would be so burdensome to explain the context that the lightness of the tickle would be spoiled.  And anyway, having embarked suddenly on MyPoPerDayMo (My Poem Per Day Month) on November 1, I now have a good handful of poems to pick from and post.

Here's #8, thanks to Tricia Stohr-Hunt's Monday Poetry Stretch at The Miss Rumphius Effect suggesting that we write a commemorative poem (happy bloggiversary, Tricia!). I ended up commemorating my favorite part of our classroom day.

2:27 pm

Each afternoon at this moment
if I could
I would kneel facing Mesopotamia,
touch my forehead to the clay soil
and honor the broad-shouldered,
tip-toeing gods of writing.

Instead at this moment
because I must
I bend facing Kindergartenia,
touch my hand to the fresh toil
and honor the tender-voiced,
heart-shouting words of writers.

Heidi Mordhorst 2011
all rights reserved

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  1. And I? I kneel and bow to the teachers of Kindergartenia. The work you do there amazes me. How lucky that you get to reach out to that "fresh toil" and hear the "heart-shouting words" of those youngest writers.

    Looking forward to sharing more writing workshop stories with you IN PERSON at NCTE very SOON!!!


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