Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OIK Tickle: store-ybook princess

During the Halloween costume parade, between shivers...
Ms. Mordhorst, do you know what princess I am?

No, I don't know which princess wears a purple dress.  Is it a Disney princess?

Yes!  It's Camilla!

Oh--what story is she from?


...which leaves me wondering: what IS the relationship between "story" and "store"?  Off to check it out; back soon with a poem.
she kicks through the plastic
with lucite heels,
breaks from her little box,
smooths her hair

perfect in purple
she twirls through the aisles
of her big-box palace
haughty but naughty under her crown

prances past security
straight into the schoolyard,
satin and spangles galore: who needs
a story when you've got a store?

Heidi Mordhorst 2011
all rights reserved

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  1. Classic, Heidi. Your post makes it clear that Camila doesn't realize yet that she has bought in to stores & marketing. I love how she's her own princess -- there's reason to hope!


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