Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MyPoPerDayMo 4 & 5

(two in the voice of the teacher)

Mr. B.'s Busy Day

Two doors down, the sound
of drilling:
Ms. Solomon's file cabinet
opens again.
Now she can pull out
an onslaught of

Just outside, the sound
of mowing:
colorful shreds of
grass and leaves
confetti the windows--
an onslaught of
the autumn.

In our bathroom, the sound
of splitting:
the toilet seat has
cracked in two!
The broken piece sits in
an onslaught of

Thank you, Mr. B.



ABC is for
apple, bat and cat?
Oh no. 
Not here.

A is for
B is for
C is for

FBA is for
write it all down:

C is for
center - independent.
E is for
transition - ending

DG is for
demands gratification.
NP is for
not preferred activity.
CT is for
attempts to take control.

SPT is for
offer support.
IGN is for
planned ignoring.
ADM is for
call for help.

Now let's spell
The only missing letter is

HM 2013 drafts


  1. Very interesting juxtaposition, these two poems together.

    By the way, "confetti" as a verb is fabulous.

    Keep up the good work, Wonder Poet!

  2. Oh, I love how the toilet seat broke and am assuming this is a factual thing!! Love.

    Also I like how your ABC poem went along, surprised me and enlightened me.
    The only one I really didn't know was write it down, FBA (maybe, can't look back to check). And a few others. We do have a code in education/teaching, don't we? Sometimes it is hard to keep up.
    Janet F.


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