Friday, November 15, 2013

way behind

12.  Ready or Not

this one is 78 months old
speaks three languages
comes from globetrotting scientists

this one is 63 months old
counts as high as 4 in one language
is learning how to look at a book

quiz: in what area
are both "fully ready"?

the only answer we need to know:
"The Arts: Expression and Representation"

13.  The Classics

At the end, covered in oobleck,
King Derwin sobs,
"I'm sorry!  It is all my fault!"
For dramatic effect and multilingual comprehensibility,
I beat my breast and wail, "Mea culpa!"

They get it.

14.  faith

you just know the wind is there--
watch it stir the trees
you just believe the water's there--
watch it leave the leaves
wind and water
air and vapor
science is a faith

15.  we interrupt this program

nibble from an editor?
priorities, girl!
mypoperday bows out


  1. Hi, Heidi. This morning, poem 14 "Faith" is speaking to me. We are working on a science themed issue for Little Patuxent Review. The idea that we see wind and water in the things they move appeals to me. Just like scientists know a planet exists because of subtle shifts they observe in the space nearby.

  2. Fun poems, Heidi, I like "faith" best. :)

  3. Oh, Heidi, the best of luck with the nibbling editor!

    "The Arts: Expression and Representation" I'm so happy that your little ones have you as their teacher. I have faith in science, but even more so in the arts!

  4. I'm so impressed with your poem-a-day discipline, Heidi. And even more so with the fact that they're really good! Not that I'd expect any less of you... though I might expect it from me if the tables were turned. I love how, in the first poem, you've implied that these children have wisdom simply by stating their ages in months rather than years. Very effective!

  5. Hello there Heidi. I agree with what you said: science is indeed faith. For a discipline that requires evidence as its anchor, it's lovely to see it here described as an act of faith.

  6. Heidi,
    You're clearly a talented poet and a talented teacher. What comes through clearly to me is how close you are to them. I love the faith one too. Those scientists expect us to believe a lot that we can't see or touch. How about a poem every week?


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