Friday, March 14, 2014

birthday discoveries psa...

Readers, I have now become a woman d'un certain ├óge.  Many would say that with age comes wisdom; I maintain that my main function in the world is to be enthusiastic, not wise.  And yet I do have some recent discoveries to share with you--a sort of public service announcement, a list of birthday discoveries that you might not want to miss.  (And, as various Documentations of Interventions must be completed for various students exhibiting various needs for intervention, my PSA will be merely a list of thanks with links.)

0) Thanks to Mary Lee: reading must be risked (see number 11 at link) despite and because of that gone feeling you get from the ideal book for the moment.

1) Thanks to the Wyngate Arts Exhibition:   "The Cup Song" is a perfect variety show number for elementary school girls--far more appropriate than, say, "Please Don't Stop the Music."

2) Thanks to Mark and Kim at Baltimore's Area 405's Supper and a MovieParis, Texas is a film worth returning to 1984 for.

3) Thanks to DJ Ivan and lots of my friends:  dance party knows no age, and the "tea dance" is a concept that deserves a popular general update!

4)  Thanks to my mom, personal shopper:  a bright new fruit bowl can just transform one's attitude in the kitchen. 

5) Thanks to my own good sense:  on the first sunny warm afternoon of nominal spring, three spa treatments is plenty and four is just excessive.

6) Thanks to writerly friends Tabatha Yeatts and Laura Shovan:  virtual is very fine, but you can't beat lunch with Pisces persons at a nice vegan restaurant with gifties from Robyn Hood Black's artsyletters shop.

7) Thanks to British in-laws Teresa O'Brien and John White:  poets Liz Cashdan, Gillian Clarke, Rebecca Elson, Beatrice Garland, Christopher Reid.  Golly.

8)  Thanks to creative, clever, caring offspring:  coupons for fancy meals, ten-minute massages, and happy playlists.  Something to look forward to is a great gift.  (And unlinkable children is probably also a great gift.)

9) Thanks to beloved spouse:  Sonos upstairs, Sonos downstairs, Sonos all around!  Please don't stop the music.  And also The Flavour Thesaurus, a synaesthetizing thing of joy.

10)  Thanks to my juicy little universe:  gratitude is good medicine

Today's Poetry Friday round-up is hosted by Kara at the intriguingly-named blog Rogue Anthropologist.  Wishing you all some of this same birthday enthusiasm this week, birthday or not!


  1. 'Twas my birthday earlier this week as well, Heidi, and I, too, have hit (and possibly surpassed?) the age of wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing your list. I especially love the spa wisdom--hah! I need to make time to discover my own spa wisdom soon. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! What a great list. And yes, gratitude Is good medicine. Also a new kitchen bowl. And spa treatments? :)

  3. Loved reading your list and being a part of your celebrations!

    I am interested in that Flavor Thesaurus -- off to look that up now...

  4. What a great list. Happy birthday! The bowl is lovely~

  5. The world is a much more beautiful place because of you. Thank you and may this be a great year for you. Happy Birthday.

  6. That's a great list but I don't see the DMV or root canals…

  7. Happy birthday! I love your discoveries. Here's to many more!

  8. What a wonderful list for a birthday celebration! You are truly blessed.

  9. Happy birthday, Heidi! It certainly sounds like you know how to mark the occasion in the best possible ways.

  10. Michael Steven SchultzMarch 15, 2014 at 6:37 PM

    Just late enough to be belated? Or wily enough to be bewildered?

    Happy Birthday little sibling. It's a mixed blessing to see the numbers turn on the odometer, but there's still miles of road ahead.

  11. Happy, happy birthday, Heidi. You are wise woman. = )


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