Monday, March 31, 2014

breath of thpring: happy firtht of april!

 Spring Breeze by K L Bailey
[dedicated to the theveral toothleth thix-year-olds in Room 166]
breath of thpring

the betht month of the year
the month of poemth ith near
so all and one pleathe gather round
and join the joyful lithping thound--
the thong of thpring ith here!

This ditty sounds better than it looks, I think.  Happy April, everyone, and Happy Birthday to Daisy!


  1. This ditty dith thound better than it looketh. Thanks for this precious celebration of spring and poems.

  2. I think this is adorable and I really love it. It does slip off the tongue! I was just reading about No CENTERS and Play Time in Kindergarten these days. What in heaven's name are we doing? Kids need time for creating and inventing and noticing and singing, loving life and poetry certainly helps. It is a combo of everything, so thanks for a great little poem to start my day and make my remember what it is like to be surrounded by the joy of the young. We need to protect them and let them flower. Ethpethially in thpring! Do you know Spring Is by Bobbi Katz? It's a good one for now!


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