Thursday, March 20, 2014

march madness round 1

Yes, I signed up again.  I like events and challenges--more than I like competition but also more than I dislike competition. I also rather enjoy being called an "authlete."

I received my word in the Think, Kid, Think March Madness Children's Poetry Tournament on Monday evening (our last and let's hope LAST snow day) and then completely forgot about it all day Tuesday.  I had a rough draft in mind by Tuesday night but forgot to send it in by the deadline (that'll cost me some late penalty votes!); I pulled it all together fast on Wednesday night and sent it in, and then realized I used the wrong form of the word.  Somehow I am not disqualified....thank goodness.

Now it's up for voting through 4pm on Friday--but it will be tough for you Poetry Friday people, because my "opponent" is fellow PF'er and teacher Linda Baie (who, curiously, also wrote a funny dialogue between mother and son.  How does that happen?).

And here is my poem, in its rushed and raggedy glory...

Mother’s Retort to Junior, Age 15

You think I am too old,
                      too late---
You think I can’t incorporate
          new style, new sounds,
          new swag, new “apps.”   Perhaps.

But even in my frail and failing state,
there must be some  way to rejuvenate
my sadly sagging groove and---    WAIT! 

How ‘bout I chaperone your date?

--Heidi Mordhorst 2014
Enjoy the hijinks of Poetry Friday with Julie at The Drift Record.


  1. You are so brave and bold to join the MM of poetry. How exciting! Something must move in the universe when poets are writing like mad. You are Linda are well matched, but the choice is tough. Love your rhythm and rhyme! Aloud, it sounds like a rap.

  2. I love the poem, Julie, so often say that 15 year olds are not the easiest age to live with. Wonderful mom in your poem teasing with the chaperoning. The child's worst nightmare! Best wishes of course, & I'm glad you got it in, etc.

  3. Pretty darn impressive... especially for something submitted last minute and under pressure! I find it so frustrating when two favorite poets are matched up in the first round. I so want to enjoy you both in the tournament for much longer.

  4. Kudos to you for joining in! And, i love that sly twist at the end...that will teach 'em.

  5. The last line made me smile! Enjoy the poetry contest! :)

  6. Totally hilarious! as well as gorgeously polished.

  7. Congrats on the win! WRITE ON!!

  8. Congrats, Heidi! Good luck in the next round:>)


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