Saturday, February 6, 2016

found! day 6

Yes, I finally found my way to Laura Shovan's new website and to her February Writing Workout...and I'm excited that the prompts for daily writing are all about found objects.  Better yet, we don't even have to find our own are provided!

So I'm jumping in to follow along as well as I'm able, starting with the Day 6 found object(s) below.

A Doll Trap

secured behind glass
                     or less
doubly exposed
        they gaze out
 lean  reaching     toward

one does more than yearn
       raises her
                      chubby arm
to crack that glass       again
                dolly hai-ya

she will be
      will walk  among
     walls    and    rock
        follow    plastic paths
                   to new clothes
  new scenes

~HM 2016
all rights reserved


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  1. I'm glad you posted your poem here with all the spacings which add to the art of it. That doll hai-ya is hilarious. This was an intriguing photo. Thanks for joining in.


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