Sunday, February 14, 2016

loaded...Found Objects Day 14

May your Valentine's Day be loaded with everything lovely, just like this baked potato...

which is the Found Object for Day 14 of  Laura Shovan's February Poetry Challenge.

Loaded Language

"Does this potato come with any toppings?"
"Lady, that's a loaded question."

"Whoa, that baked potato must be loaded!
Look at his white stretch limo!" 

"Get a load of Baked Potato--
she thinks she's so fancy in her cream-colored coat,
butter pat hat and her chives-and-cheese
statement necklace."

"Baked Potato's been down at Benny's Bar & Grill all night."
"Yep, he'll be heading home loaded again..." 

© Heidi Mordhorst 2016

The photo is by Diane Mayr, I believe, and I was torn--should I treat the potato as the Found Object, the poster, or strange, seemingly pointless object taped to the front of the poster?  As you can see I picked none of those and chose the LANGUAGE as the object instead.

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  1. Ha ha! That seemingly pointless object taped to the front is a string of LED lights! It was supposed to light up the baked potato and make you crave its awesome deliciousness. I guess. I love words, their multiple meanings, and puns. Thanks for today's treat!


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