Friday, December 9, 2016

#haiku (and book launches) for healing

My effort to respond creatively to the news of the world continues;  you can read about how Mary Lee started it all here.  You're invited to scroll down to the previous week's minimalist commentaries --and of course, you're invited to join in.  It wasn't clear to me at first, but the tiny discipline of slowing down to craft a response (rather than just banging the steering wheel and yelling at the radio) has been empowering.


first college news
we both prefer denial
to rejection

And from yesterday:


gold star winks out
leaving a long bright trail
holding in orbit

Joining in this project are all the brave women below; I hope they will pardon me when, during the week, all I can manage is to Like their Tweeted haiku.  It's good to work alongside you all!

          Mary Lee Hahn at Poetrepository
          Michelle Heidenrich Barnes at Today's Little Ditty
          Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche
          Linda Mitchell at A Word Edgewise
          Buffy Silverman at Buffy's Blog
          Jone Rush MacCulloch at DeoWriter
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          Catherine Flynn at Reading to the Core
          Carol Varsalona at Beyond LiteracyLink
          Carol Wilcox at Carol's Corner
          Julieanne Harmatz tweeting @jarhartz          Linda Baie at Teacher Dance

Our hostess with the postest is Jone at Check It Out.  She reminds us that haiku fits nicely on a postcard. And now, in other news...

I was delighted to join Jacqueline Jules, Marty Rhodes Figley and Laura Murray on Dec. 1st for a holiday book launch at One More Page in Arlington, VA (what a delightful place).  Here we are, festive and fierce with a bunch of fun books for holiday giving and receiving.  Each book you see earns its place on the bookshelf, but if I may reveal all my biases:  every home with children needs a copy of One Minute till Bedtime!


  1. Festive and fierce and fun! Yay for the book launch and for your empowerment and all these wonderful haiku making their way into the world! xo

  2. I agree, Heidi, it's been a positive experience for me too, this long bright trail of #haikuforhealing. Would you add me to your list please? Michelle Heidenrich Barnes at Today's Little Ditty Thanks!

    1. Oops!!! I copied the list from YOUR blog, deleted myself...and forgot to add you! Sorry, Michelle!

  3. Such a delight read all these healing haiku. Love the holiday photo. One Minute Till Bedtime is on my Christmas list. Perhaps Santa will bring it to me. :-)

  4. Considering your day's writing, it feels as if the haiku in December can be a diary of sorts. That 'gold star' will last for a long time. Thanks, Heidi.

  5. I am SO enjoying working along side you all. It's fun and it helps me grow the discipline I need. I don't always have time to do more than click a "like". Wonderful post....and thank goodness your steering wheel can live to turn a few more days ;)

  6. Yes, I'm with you on not having enough time to do much more than my own writing and the "likes." But at least when folks put their haiku out on Twitter, we have an easy way to see them!

    (Sorry about the "denial." Their loss...)

  7. I look forward each week to all the #haikuforhealing fun! It's quite an amazing group of PF friends who have joined in.

  8. I love the reframing of rejection to denial. And I agree, it is their loss.


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