Friday, December 16, 2016

Time this morning only to wish everyone a bright Solstice--which I described to 2nd graders as the winter holiday we can ALL acknowledge:  light the dark, green the grey, warm the frigid world!  (The northern hemisphere, anyway.)

This week's microprocessing...

on the 14th, seared,
I lay down rows of cookies
iced with salty stains
          Newtown Anniversary

strange light spreads
in my dark December room--
oh! it's the fat friendly moon

welcome all
the world is spicy
brown and sweet

a player, ready
palms and feathers greased
exxonus rex

Rex Tillerson

who needs intelligence?
you get this, Mike--
I'm busy trying on suits
          The President's Daily Brief

note to self:
hurrying towards everything
I hurt someone

Today the round-up is with my pal Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference.  A visit to her blog is always intriguing, always uplifting (slothlove!), always healing.


  1. Happy Solstice to you Heidi! Super duper micro processing there! The 15th is my favorite, oh how I adore that fat friendly moon.

  2. Oh, Heidi, the Newtown haiku paired with gingerbread children is so heartbreaking. What an example of the depths of emotions held by three short lines. It still feels raw.

  3. I like that this might become your December diary, Heidi. And love that "spicy brown and sweet".

  4. "hurrying towards everything/I hurt someone" Thank you for this reminder. I've been holding Irene's advice "to err on the side of love" in my heart, and your words add another layer to their importance. Thank you.

  5. Haste does make for regrets, good reminder. I like those political ones. They gave me a sideways smile. Poetry is power.

  6. I agree with Brenda -- "Poetry is power." It is also companionship. I love writing with you!

  7. Through this daily writing exercise, we see the metaphor and experience the irony of baking gingerbread cookies on the anniversary of Sandy Hook. I am grinning at your fat friendly moon. I just like the way you think.

  8. WOW! These are all perfect, perceptive little nuggets of pure genius, Heidi!

  9. 12/14! Yes! There is hope. And cookies.

  10. soften my edges
    as snow pillows our landscape
    that I may receive

  11. Loving the look of the gingerbread children - made me hungry today.

  12. There's something about seeing 12/15, that fat friendly moon, next to 12/16, those salty stains, that touches me very deeply. I can't wait to read more, Heidi!

  13. "The world is spicy brown and sweet" - I can just about taste my mum's gingerbread, what a wonderful image you've created!

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