Saturday, April 1, 2017

npm17 number 1

art by Michael Albert ~

I know you thought NPM stood for National Poetry Month, but here at my juicy little universe, it stands for Notional Poetry Math,
Notional means "existing only in theory or as a suggestion or idea," and that's what I have going here, folks.

I'll be attempting to post each day a new or reworked poem--for young readers--that addresses mathematical ideas, concepts, experiences and expressions.

I'm beginning with  = .

draft (c) HM 2017


  1. Ha, love this! Witty and thoughtful as well...something I can completely see my young self identifying with.

  2. I love this poem and your plans for the month. I'm not brave enough to post my own poems every day (heck, it's hard enough to do once a month), so it's much easier for me to choose the poems of others to share.

  3. Oh, what fun! Can't wait to see where else this notion leads!

  4. Five creatures
    Four with long tails
    One with no tail
    My household today

    1. I'm glad you're not lonely with all those tails to keep you company...thanks for stopping by to poetize with me, Joela!

  5. Fun! I'm glad someone is comfortable with math poems--not my strong suit since these days I barely remember my times tables. Don't get old Heidi, it makes you feel like a second-grader all over again.

  6. Notional Poetry Math...HAHAHA! This is going to add up to a month of multiple punny-nesses!


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