Sunday, April 2, 2017

npm17 number 2


  1. What is it about the speeds of two different trains that makes for crazy math problems? I like yours. although I wish Train F had an engineer that valued the slow track. Then your poem would be about career choices, and that might take you down a very different track...

  2. "parts of the journey take place in long dark tunnels" I think of John Mayer's song about stopping this train we're on. The metaphor of a train as our life can be played with time and again. I like the circle of sound the poem is wrapped in.

  3. Heidi,
    What ages are you writing for? I used to be terrific at these, but doubt I could do one now. Love clickety-clack....kind of like your frustrated math brain going down the wrong track. I was taught by the "rote"method.....memorizing my way to great grades. Took me years of teaching math to get it. We want kids to see it, get it, understand it! Then we'd all be on the bullet train!


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