Tuesday, April 18, 2017

npm17: numbers 17 and 18

April 17

I know the answer right away.
It's almost like I
can feel in my guts the number
that goes in the blank,
and it blurts out fast.
But the teacher keeps saying,
"the answer isn't the most important part."
How could the answer be less important
than any other part of the problem?

April 18

Fact Family

A small family, a "nuclear" family,
relatives living under one peaked roof,
three members bonded together
for life.

Is this greatest one, the 10, the great big papa bear?
And this 6, is she the middle-sized mama bear?
If so, then 4 over here must be
the little wee baby bear.

Or is this 8 the mom
with her two twin 4s--
their parents are divorced now,
and do they ever get to
see their dad?

Or maybe this 9 is the hermana
and this 7 is the hermano
and the 2 is the toddler nino
who keeps running off,
and they stay home alone sometimes
when their papi goes to work
and their mama's home late.

Once upon a time
there was a fact family...

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