Friday, April 12, 2019

npm19: all of the above 11/12

There's a whirlwind of poetry play going on around the Kidlitosphere this month, and we do all need more play in our lives.  Margaret has been using some of the toys with her students: Metaphor Dice, paint chips, Magnetic Poetry, Haikubes.  However, reading her April 10 post, a line caught my eye and became my plaything.  I hope Margaret doesn't mind.


The Poet Evolves

Gathering words from
the air
not using any toys

Gathering toys from
the words
Not using any air

Gathering air from
the toys
not using any words

In conclusion, evolution is overrated. 😏

Scroll down and see some of my other efforts from this unProject this week.  Then go gather some words from the air over at Live Your Poem with Irene, and don't miss Margaret's contribution to the Progressive Poem at Reflections on the Teche.



  1. What a clever spin of a line! Thanks for reading, supporting, and stealing. It's all good for my poet heart.

  2. That's some fine wordplay, Heidi! Well played. :) xo

  3. My brain really likes playing with this one, Heidi. And I wish I could get inside of yours for a spell! Happy continued NPM! xxxxx

  4. I had to reread this a few times to truly appreciate it. How clever!

  5. You and your imagination! Thanks for upending things a bit for us, as always. Thanks for sharing, and rock on! :0)

  6. Love! You really gathered the toys from the poet (Margaret).

  7. I gather air from my poetry toys when I watch my students gleefully creating with them!

  8. Way to take a line and run with it!

  9. Your poem leaves me a happy sort of dizzy, Heidi! :)

  10. OK, that's pretty cool, Heidi. I love getting a peek at how your brain works. This wordplay is like gears working together.

  11. Fun, weaving and winding poem Heidi!


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