Tuesday, April 16, 2019

npm19: all of the above 15/16

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    for Lauren and Jake

You don't notice it at first
so close to an ordinary circle
it appears, until you give it
a fraction more attention
hear the slight vibration
of magnetic poles around the edges.

This is no ordinary circle--
no, not even a regular heptadecagon
with its subtle bending song
of seventeen sides.

This figure will confound you
with complexity, will hit you
with the force of a ceremonial mace,
leave you quavering, semi-shaking
in your shoes, all the hairs on
your head risen in amazement at the
surprising dimensions of seventeen-and-a-

half sides.

©Heidi Mordhorst


  1. I need some back story for this poem...I'm fascinated, and intrigued!


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