Thursday, April 25, 2019

npm19: all of the above 24/25/26

Wow, after writing choosing my Progressive Poem line and sinking deep into Spring Break last week, it was hard to remember that April was still NPMing with a vengeance!  I missed a few days because, you know, LIFE (although I am now pleased to report that our 16yo has chosen a new school which we hope will do more of the academic support that we've been doing ourselves & fie on my public school system for failing to serve his needs & thanks for listening)--but here we are again addressing
all of the above.

 It really mattered at the beginning of the month when I codified the range of topics (also describable as "distraction moves") in the badge you see here, because I've been playing with these four ideas all month.  Below in this post you can find yesterday's poem, which plays with choice c).  I've tried golden shovels, acrostics, lots of free verse forms, and some funky "silver shovels" where the striking line sits at the left margin.  I've done some poetry play a la Mary Lee & Co with Metaphor Dice, the Random Word Generator, and the postings of other bloggers.

My topics have included our earth and the climate crisis; spring, obviously; the richly inspiring last name of a person I randomly met at school (and who was up for the amusement of being written about); and of course a little about my own states of being.  In other words, this is all working out just as I didn't really plan it, my National Poetry Month UnProject.  Just as well, because there's a fair amount of pain flying around.

Constant hot-hued jangling of earthly spring
keeps me in a state of emergency, lovestruck
and full of desperate rescue intention,
uneasy truth of Eden hovering above:

There is no haven in heavens above.
What good is poetry, what action can my intention
achieve? I dig and strike and strike again, and struck
by words I speak, I spread this spring.

Now I'm late for school, where yesterday dandelions became "alien sheep grazing yellow in the grass," and though it be little, the power of poetry was fierce once again in the hearts of the children for whom we have to save this planet.  Our host today is Carol at Beyond Literacy Link; graze on over to the goodness that grows.


genes wear me out.
erring on the side of risk I
always go too far. I'm lured
in by a hundred wild ideas,
ten good projects the
tithe I pay
any given day.


  1. O my goodness, dear Heidi!

    When I re-read & re-read (not having landed at My Juicy L.U in this poetry month, before this minute.) I am lightning flashed, thunder struck about the word play you pull off in such a vibrant way.

    I love "all of the above" & what potency you've put into the two words - general intention.
    (And on a personal note, It fit's me to a T.)

    Happy Thursday 25 of April Poetry Month!
    with hugs,

  2. Happy to hear that the school is settled to your satisfaction!! Yay!
    I esp. like "I dig and strike and strike again, and struck/
    by words I speak, I spread this spring."
    It's fun to see you lured in by a hundred wild ideas, but I can imagine that would wear you out.

  3. Heidi, I'm with Jan. I was thinking as I read your post that there is so much power in the way your structured your poems, such a careful way of playing with words, and providing the right word choice to get your message across. All of the above hit a home run today.

  4. When you feel, Heidi, you FEEL! This is a good thing. Tiring, yes, but a good thing. Don't forget it. :) xo

  5. Oh, this post. I love it. There is so much thinking and feeling and processing and writing.....and, you know, LIFE! Your brilliance never ceases to amaze me, kiddo. So, I didn't know about silver shovels. Did you make that up? The Suddenly a Truck poem is fantastic. You are simply the queen of word play.
    And yes, a fie on the school system that wasn't up to the task of educating. It's tough being an insider and outsider of school at the same time. I hope things work out for the 16 y.o. Likely they will with the parents on their side as they are.

  6. 24/25 cracks me up. It is SO you!

    Hooray for a new and better school!

  7. There is so much to love in this post. How do you manage to pack so much power and play into so few words? I hope the new school setting works out for your family and the 10 yo.

  8. I never heard of a silver shovel before - is that your own invention?


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