Thursday, July 27, 2023


How-do, poetry people?  I'm flying through today with two very different thangs, neither of which I spent too much time on.  Something has been distracting me, and honestly it's mainly getting ready for a trip the like of which we've done many times before....

But I'm trying to be chiller about that than usual, while packing more minimally than I do usually. Monitoring one's overfunctioning is very distracting.

Anyway, I tried the Poetry Sisters' monotetra challenge and this is as close as I could get:

But also this, from a quote I saw in Letters from an American Thursday morning:

Now, a note about the Sealey Challenge:  I'll have to take it light, being away from home, so here's the plan.  I go back and read all the unread Poems-a-Day in my inbox, 2 or 3 per day.  I keep an eye on what catches my ear most tightly.  Then I order a different poet's book every week in August to add to my collection and to support the poetry publishing market. At the end I'll tell you what, as they say in England, I plumped for.

Happy Hotter Than July, everyone, and thanks to the inimitable Jan at BookSeed Studio for hosting us!


  1. Monitoring one's overfunctioning! I hear that. The monotetra challenge seems daunting. Thanks for the Stevie morning boost!

  2. I think your take on the monotetra is dang successful, Heidi. But your golden shovel is, as they say, fire. Wow. Have a fabulous trip!

  3. LOL, I think your monotetra counts, Heid! But your second poem is the one that knocked the breath out of me. Oof. Our history dies with us - and we'll die hard. That... is a painful truth.

  4. What are the odds that two poets would post poems including geologic time references? Your second poem is fabulous.

  5. Your "notamonotetra" has me giggling!! But the golden shovel...oof. Such big truth.

  6. Your monotetra is hilarious! I also love your Sealey Challenge plan! Yes to poetry piling up in the inbox that will now get read!!! Have a great trip!


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