Friday, July 21, 2023

superheroes for our time

apparently I'm not the first
to imagine this character
Greetings, Climate Citizens.  It's the 3rd Friday of the month and I'm coming at you after a session in the WHISPERshout Studio where we looked at superhero stories and poems.  (My favorite superhero picture book is HAZEL'S AMAZING MOTHER, which in my opinion is an unsung hero of a story.  I hope you've read it.)

The kids wrote about SuperJunior, Batwoman and Superkitty, and I continued a poem I'd started the week before, writing alongside the kids, about the heat.  What was dire became hopeful with the arrival of my own superheroine, and there are many more (and more realistic) superheroines out there, including Dr. Sara Via, Professor & Climate Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland. Her nerdy-in-the-best-way webinar,"The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Tipping Point," is a current summary of all the progress we are starting to see, coming on faster and faster.  Set aside some time in between the heat domes, the Tornadoes and the wildfires to watch, and then do what you can to help it all happen!


Canada on fire
heat is everywhere
the air is like flame

90 degrees  100 degrees  110 degrees

people are sweating
earth is baking
no one can breathe

the world on fire


She rides the oceans, rivers and streams
Her cape is a wave of blue water

She arrives just in time
with all the people calling her name
with all the people cheering her on

From her fingers spouts of cool water
shoot over the burning forests, burning earth, burning air


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Our host today is Margaret at Reflections on the Teche, who looks to be feeling better after her recent surgery--but then homemade strawberry jam fixes most ailments, I guess!


  1. Hooray! Hooray for Water Woman! I need her, we need her, the whole world needs her...and in your poem she shows up. Thank you for making such a serious topic approachable for young people in this poem. This is a superpower you have...hooray for Heidi!

  2. Replies
    1. I just finished watching (with my son) the video you referenced by Dr. Sara Via. We truly appreciated it. Thank you so much for posting the link and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Yay, Water Woman! I was in Texas last week, Writing about superheroes is likely a great way to inspire ourselves to become one in some way :>)

  4. I love Water Woman! "Her cape is a wave of blue water" is the best line. I wish she had some magical powers to take lead out of the water. See this Wall Street Journal article:

  5. Do you remember the theme song from the '70s tv show Wonder Woman? Your poem made it start going through my head ("Water Woman" subs in for "Wonder Woman" very nicely.) Nice to hear about Dr. Via. Thanks, Heidi!

  6. Nice to read some good news, Heidi, and I am also sorry for all the bad news. We have been having some rain (Hurrah for Water Woman!) which is unusual for us this time of year but this week, heat is coming!

  7. Thank you, Heidi, for the hope of Water Woman! It's 9:00 pm and 95 degrees as I write this. This summer is burning. Peace.

  8. We need Water Woman! I love superhero poems. I just wrote one for a collection. It's an unexpected superhero.

  9. Your sense of hope it like cool water on a hot day, Heidi! Thank you for that.

  10. I need to sit awhile with the idea of superheroes. There is so much real-world work to be done...but we can dream, can't we?

  11. Boy do I wanna believe in superheroes...Thanks for sharing the WhisperShout treasures, too.

  12. Wonder Water Woman! Thank you for the sliver of progress you shared via the link. Unexpected hope!


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