Tuesday, April 5, 2016

npm pmmu #6: like cold water or a kiss

This month I'm posting daily Poetry-Music Match-Ups, and you're invited to join me! (See the bottom of the post  for ideas.)  When I don't have a crowd-sourced combo scheduled, I'll share one of my own many, many PMMUs!  If something comes to your mind, send it to me HERE.

From the C train in NYC, a Poetry in Motion poster snapped by my friend Jenn Sawin:

I found this, brand new to me, to go with it.

 "Cold Water" by Damien Rice, 2002

I'll be honest, though--the feel of this song doesn't quite match with the "cold water" of Shange's poem, which I read as sudden, shocking and refreshing.  The music kind of creeps up on you in a less pleasant, maybe even insidious way. 

Ways to match-up poetry and music--take your pick and send it to me!

·      your own poem with music that you've realized goes with it,
·      your own music with a poem that goes with it,
·      someone else's poem with someone else's music to match, 
·      song lyrics that you find particularly poetic,
·      poems written AS song lyrics
·      poems inspired by songs,
·      songs written about poems, 
·      poems written about songs, 
·      favorite nursery rhymes (which often have tunes),
·      and any other poetry-music combinations that make sense to you.

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  1. I've read through your week and am thoroughly enjoying the creativity of these pairings. And I'm COMPLETELY in awe of this kind of thinking. My musical intelligence must be a very tiny slice of my 100% smart...


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