Friday, April 20, 2018

2 by 2 in 2nd npm18 #20

Dear Diamond Miners,

It's Poetry Friday!  Today we have been finishing our "Little Slice of Earth" poems and our poems for two voices. Our progressive poem is also growing, with words from Patrick yesterday.  Today it's Ziva's turn and we will pick one more person for Saturday. I think we also owe Elena a word...she chose twisting and ended the sentence with a period, but that's not a word.

I keep thinking of Chan Lo from The Jade Stone...I feel a little like the stone carver listening to a rock to find out it wants to be!

Here I stand, O Noble Class,
to help your poem come to pass.
Whisper words of Lego blocks
That I your teacher may unlock.

Ms. Mordhorst

P.S.  Blog visitors, the Diamond Miners love it when you leave comments directly for them. Thanks for all your encouragement!

work hard, seems like, to think, we love, to have, we could
apart and together, pulling and pushing, turning and flipping, stacking and building and modeling

When we work  
it feels fun 
difficult like Lego
feels like struggling 
frustration and figuring
to do. We
live like Legos,
pushing and building, 
pulling and flipping,
lifting and twisting.
We only 

Words have been added to this poem by these wordsmiths, in order:
Round 1   Round 2
Ms. M      Ms. M
Ziva         Henry
Eric          Elena*
Eldana     Patrick
Henry      Ziva


  1. Ms. M's class you inspire me with your word choice and the meaning within. Your class sounds like a place I would love to be and to learn in. Thank you for sharing this with us! -Ms. Hart

  2. What a fun analogy to use. Very relatable. Some days my problems seem like a lego piece hidden in a carpet, and me without a slipper.

  3. I love your poem to your class, Heidi, sweet and positive, and they are making it happen. You've chosen an apt analogy for them to ponder. I didn't know we could see the poem emerging, will try to remember to read it each day.

  4. My comment disappeared! I said that Legos don't make much separately, so you have to work together in order to reap the rewards. Which is probably a lot like words/writing this poem!
    This also reminds me of taking risks and starting over, because you have to twist them this way and that, trying different things before you figure out how you want them to go.

  5. Dear Diamond Miners, I haven't stopped by in a few days and I'm impressed at how your poem has grown! You are right, life can be like building with Legos. And what fun it can be when we struggle with something that's a little bit hard and then figure it out. I can't wait to see where your poem (and your Lego structure) goes next!

  6. You Diamond Miners have been busy with your poetry! I love where your Lego poem is going. I think it will be a poster for Growth Mindset!

  7. Your Lego poem is growing and developing into a masterpiece. You have some very talented wordsmiths :)

  8. I love the work your Diamond Miners are doing with the collaborative poem--such great words to use. And I love your poem to them.

  9. Such great work, Diamond Miners!

  10. What a rich writing experience for these word miners!


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