Friday, April 6, 2018

2 by 2 in 2nd: npm 2018 #6

Dear Diamond Miners,

Our National Poetry Month project is bubbling along!  I'm noticing how the two words fun and difficult go together in so many good ways...

They both have an f sound.  They both have a short u sound. Fun is a short, easy word.  Difficult is a long and challenging word. And fun is fun, while difficulty usually isn't!

I also like how Ziva's choice of work fits with Eric's choice of feels.  Sometimes we focus on getting work done without thinking about how it feels.  Putting fun and difficult together shows that things like work can feel two ways at the same time!

And Henry's choice of like get us ready to compare work with something else that is fun and difficultYou are composing an interesting poem!

love, Ms. Mordhorst

When we work 
it feels fun 
difficult like Lego
feels like

Words have been added to this poem by these wordsmiths, in order:
Ms. M


  1. Such wonderful choices! Your response is spot-on, Ms. Mordhorst.

  2. Love how you are helping your wordsmiths see the power of their words!
    Love that LEGOS got in their! Our poems are talking to each other!
    Love that Ines brought feelings in!

    1. Plus, I see how you are revising as you go, not just making a list of two-words-at-a-time, but making lines longer and shorter for better sound and meaning. What a good practice!

    2. How far ahead of time does each child know it will be his/her turn? How long do they think and ponder?

    3. Approximately 2 minutes and 2 minutes. Fitting but not ideal!

    4. Ugh. Talk about revision and then write "their" and not "there." I stand corrected.

  3. This is really fun to see. Gosh, I wish my kids could have had you as a teacher! The sounds and the meaning all working together with fun. That's exactly what language should be for all of us. Carry on....great stuff happening here.

  4. It's quite wise to know that a loved activity can have its harder parts, too. I enjoy seeing your approach, Heidi. Your students must love the doing.

  5. I want to be a Diamond Miner, Ms. Morhorst! What wonderful wordsmithing from you and these students... Lego in a poem is pretty brilliant. :) xo

  6. Wow! Your diamond miners are crafting quite a poem! How did they get so wise to know already that fun and difficult can work together?

  7. What a great project. Each day you mine a line together. And yes, I could not agree more that fun can be difficult and difficult can be fun. A lot of wisdom here. xxxx

  8. Love where your diamond miners are mining! Will check back later to see the poem unfold.

  9. What a clever way to build a poem Heidi; I bet your students are anticipating their second turn… I'll have to return and see where your wordsmiths take you!


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