Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2 by 2 in 2nd npm18 #10

Dear  Diamond Miners,

Silly Ms. Mordhorst!  I got excited and chose both Patrick and Xavier today, even though it's Tuesday and we only needed one turn.  That's what happens when I don't get enough sleep--I make silly mistakes!

Patrick took struggling with frustration and moved it in a positive direction!  One way to respond to a struggle is to engage your PFC and figure what....

and Xavier chose to end the first sentence of our poem with action:  to do, and a period.  We also decided to continue our 3:1 pattern.

We do need to figure what to do when we work together.  What are some juicy words that mean "figuring out"?

love, Ms. Mordhorst

P.S.  Blog visitors, the Diamond Miners would really love for you to leave comments directly for them, since after all it is THEY who are writing the poem! 

When we work 
it feels fun 
difficult like Lego
feels like struggling 
frustration and figuring
to do.

Words have been added to this poem by these wordsmiths, in order:
Ms. M


  1. Dear Diamond Miners, I am loving your poem! Your description of working together is exactly right - that is JUST how it feels. I think you must have a great teacher.

  2. Patrick, thank you for turning the struggle in a positive direction. Yesterday in math, I talked with several groups about how their mistakes were making them smarter and stronger. The mistakes (and then no mistakes) were proof of learning.

    Xavier, thank you for having the confidence to know when to end a thought. It's so hard sometimes to know when enough is enough.

    I can't wait to see what comes next.

  3. Patrick, I love your contribution to your class poem. FIGURING is such an important action for life. It's like the opposite of just zipping ahead. I love how it shows thoughtfulness, considering, pondering. All part of making a careful choice. And Xavier has added the perfect two words to send problem solvers on their way. Your words, Xavier, leave the next part of your poem open for many idea. And when we work together in bigger groups or on a team we do need patience so we can listen to each others' contributions. Diamond Miners, I was a third grade teacher and wish I had tried a progressive poem like this. I can't wait to see where your poem goes. Bravo. I sense that each one is really thinking carefully about what their next two words will be. I really like that. Applause to you and Ms Mordhorst.
    Mrs. Janet Clare F.


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