Friday, April 13, 2018

2 by 2 in 2nd npm18 #13

Dear  Diamond Miners,

Today we actually got out our Legos, three pieces each, and played with arranging them into different structures over and over again.  We noticed a lot of apart and together, pulling and pushing, turning and flipping, stacking and building and modeling.

These are all juicy and powerful words that are helping us develop our poem.  Tyler and Caleb added their words today, giving us more alliteration, another simile and some action!

And then we combined all our pieces into one big structure!

Ms. Mordhorst

P.S.  Blog visitors, the Diamond Miners would really love for you to leave comments directly for them, since after all it is THEY who are writing the poem.  Thanks for all your encouragement!
BRAINSTORMING for tomorrow!!!
work hard
struggling with
seems like
to think
we love
to have
we could


When we work  
it feels fun 
difficult like Lego
feels like struggling 
frustration and figuring
to do. We
live like Legos,


  1. I love how play is leading you to find words that you can use in your poem. Alliteration is one of my favorite poetic elements. I use it a lot, so living like Legos spoke to my poet's heart. Keep pushing. I look forward to seeing where the poem goes.

  2. What a fantastic project! Diamond Miners, you have a wonderful guide in your special teacher. Your poem so far feels like it does when a single poet writes a poem. There is a lot of struggle and pushing around of words in one's mind, seeing what fits best!

  3. Hello Diamond Miners! I keep looking forward to your poem. I enjoy catching up and thinking about how just TWO words can take a poem and my thinking in a new and often surprising direction. It is interesting to me that you are creating a metaphor with Lego pieces. How using Lego is like being alive and is like how we live. You said that "you live like Legos, pushing and...." so I started to remember and picture all the boxes of Lego my son had and what he built. I remembered the many varieties of color and size and shape and how when they fit together in special ways you could make something amazing, but complicated and how long it might take to build. I also like how they can become almost anything if you just build your own invention. Your poem got me thinking and I like that about poetry. I will be back to see what happens! Mrs. Janet F.

  4. I am so in love with this poem. "We live like Legos." Indeed.

    I am thinking that this slow and thoughtful building with words that you are doing will likely change your lives as writers...for the better. Never forget this experience, Diamond Miners.


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