Monday, April 11, 2022

npm 11: molly, meet polly



Remember Molly, from April 7's "How We'll Get There"?  This poem is the sequel, built from lines and ideas (noted in italics) from all the essays and poems in Part 2 of ALL WE CAN SAVE, entitled "Advocate."  I'm trying to make friends with Polly C. (POLICY) myself.





My project for NPM 2022:
This month I'm making "human stories to move human beings.  Human stories are more powerful for inciting action than counting carbon or detailing melting glaciers." (Favianna Rodriguez, from her essay "Harnessing Cultural Power," in ALL WE CAN SAVE.)
Read previous poems in the series here:
5 A comparison of beaver wisdom with human attempts to control water & fire

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