Friday, April 22, 2022

npm 22: d.e.a.r. time



















D.E.A.R. Time

Dear Powerful Ones,


Yes, you, my friends.  And me.  Because

we have the power to make choices 

every day that prioritize

our comfort, 

our convenience, 

our control.

But do you remember how urgent it was,

once upon a time,

to fight back against the Basal Reader?

Do you remember how we 

Dropped. Everything. And. Read, dear?

Defended the sanctity of 

reading for pleasure?

Do you remember the fear

of April 2020, how urgent it was,

once upon a time two years ago,

to Freeze. Everything. And. Repel that

killer virus? We are still seared by it,

by how we are today making 



uncontrollable choices

to save our lives and others?

Happy Earth Day.  THIS IS THE SAME.

It’s time to Drop. Everything. And. Revolt, dear.

We know it’s serious, we know it’s urgent,

and we feel powerless.  It’s true 

that our reusable totes

and our refusable straws

and our backyard compost tumblers

don’t make a carbon-ton of difference

by themselves.  These actions aren’t near

enough. Not. Everything. Achieves. Results.

But it’s not hopeless and we’re not helpless.

The key is WE, do you hear?

Hold. Everyone. And. Rise. 

We have to find our people and join them.  

Never was power in numbers more pertinent. 

Don’t be me. The key is WE. 

Just ask the Mayapples.

We are tree-huggers and wolf-lovers.

We are Sunrise Movement

and Model Mafia.

We are vegan chefs

and bioplastics engineers.

We are Elders Climate Action

and Moms Clean Air Force.  

We are Interfaith Power & Light,

fly-fishers and knitters, collagists, 

photographers and dancers;

we adore the beach, the mountains,

our grandgirls, our sons, our students,

and there is not one single identity we have 

that is not touched by this crisis. 

We are voters and we are human and

WE ARE POETS. Clearly it is our job to 

Crazy. Love. Everything. And. Render it 

powerful in words, AND whatever else

we care about, to join that movement--

or make that movement.

DropEverythingAndRevolt, dear. Be bigger.

The key is WE.  Happy Earth Day.  It’s time.


Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.  Go in peace; serve the Earth.

(and click the links to find your people.)


My project for NPM 2022:
This month I'm making "human stories to move human beings.  Human stories are more powerful for inciting action than counting carbon or detailing melting glaciers." (Favianna Rodriguez, from her essay "Harnessing Cultural Power," in ALL WE CAN SAVE.)
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  1. I love your poem, Heidi, especially the Crazy. Love. Everything. And. Render it part. And I went to my local bookshop last night for an event with Paul Douglas, author of A Kid's Guide to Saving the Planet. Fabulous! I bought two copies to donate at upcoming author visits (after I read it first!). Happy Earth Day!

  2. Happy Earth Day, Heidi. Thanks for the powerful, passionate poem (love how you incorporated all those links).

  3. Wonderful! Thank you, Heidi! Happy Earth Day to all.

  4. Shout it to the moon and back, Heidi! Wonders happen when we gather!

  5. Heidi, wow! This poem is superb, and thank you for the wealth of links you've collected and shared. "DropEverythingAndRevolt, dear." Yes, let's work together.

  6. Oh, my goodness Heidi. You are certainly Poet Laureate of Earth Day Poeming. Your creativity knows know bounds which is good because it literally has to be big enough for all of us and yet small enough for each of us to pick up our piece. I love the focus on WE. I'm glad to be part of the WE.

  7. Call to ACTION! Yes! (I'm still going to do MY part... but maybe a bit LOUDER as a result of your poem)!

  8. Heidi, This is such a creative poem. I love how you worked the acronyms into the lines and used words like seared and revolt. I also wrote a call to action poem about earth day today, definitely not as creative as yours but sending a similar message out into the world. Thanks for sharing this and for your passion!

  9. That's one kickass poem, Heidi! Every blessed and clever layer upon layer of it. I feel whole lot more powerful now. :D

  10. Kickass, indeed. Thanks for layering your passion into all these cool elements! The earth, and your loyal fans, are better for it.

  11. Brava, Heidi! Michelle is right: this is kickass poem! Thank you!

  12. FANTASTIC POST Heidi, thanks for all these links and Earth can do poem!!!

  13. The key is WE-so true, Heidi. This is a wonderful poem of action to keep everyone aware of our commitment to Earth.


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