Sunday, April 10, 2022

npm 8, 9, 10: three emails


I'm falling behind and catching up all at the same time suddenly, now that Spring Break has finally sprung--but isn't that also how we are managing the climate crisis?  Daily falling behind when we think about our 2030 deadline, but also catching up to the truth and the urgency. Whether it's because we're paying attention to the IPCC or getting caught in a Georgia tornado, we just can't deny it any longer.  And part of the catching up, says Mary Ann Hitt in "Beyond Coal," is knowing that "State and local decisions move the needle."   Go Maryland!  Go League of Conservation Voters!


Is it poetry?  Feels like it to me!  Thanks to  Alice and Kim and Kristyn, three more climate feminists who are getting it done, along with Shelly, Pamela, Nancy, Susan, Mary, Delores, Cheryl, Katie, Jill, Sarah, women members of the MD General Assembly who sponsored this bill.


My project for NPM 2022:
This month I'm making "human stories to move human beings.  Human stories are more powerful for inciting action than counting carbon or detailing melting glaciers." (Favianna Rodriguez, from her essay "Harnessing Cultural Power," in ALL WE CAN SAVE.)
Read previous poems in the series here:


  1. HUZZAH for Maryland! Forward thinking and MOVING on both Climate Action and Abortion Rights!

  2. Seems like a found poem to me!

  3. YES! Thank you! Poetry in real life. People living poems. Women. Thank you, Heidi. For the words and for your work. xo


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