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Saturday, April 23, 2022

npm 23: i am a hearth of spiders these days: a nest of trying














The title is a line from "Dead Stars" by Ada Limon that absolutely slays me.


My project for NPM 2022:
This month I'm making "human stories to move human beings.  Human stories are more powerful for inciting action than counting carbon or detailing melting glaciers." (Favianna Rodriguez, from her essay "Harnessing Cultural Power," in ALL WE CAN SAVE.)
2 Gratitude for those who take the time to fix things
5 A comparison of beaver wisdom with human attempts to control water & fire


  1. "a nest of trying" slays me too. I love the "flaming earnestness" of your poem, Heidi. It seems like this is a journey to discover how to serve without flailing, how to be a beacon of calm focus (or as you said, cozy dependability).

  2. What Tabatha said. (But I also loved the "partaking of Dr. Pepper's tonic"!!)


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