Friday, April 10, 2020

going viral & npm2020 poetry videos day 10 "Birdseed"

Have you been mapping the spread?

 transmission dynamics

it starts small
with a single carrier
at an innocent party underground

one warm breath
a sprinkle of drops
invisible virus leaps and bounds

then it spreads
from branch to branch
with exponential width and depth

gold touches green
light pink infects blue
pandemic spring takes our breath

©Heidi Mordhorst 2020

My project this month is to post short videos each day of me, reading my published poems.  Here's "Birdseed" for Day 10, but I'm way behind!  Today is a catch-up the kids say, "Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!"

I will also be participating once again in our Choose Your Own Adventure-style Progressive Poem--the map of that spreading epidemic of poetry is on the right side bar! Matt at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme catches the ProgPo fever today and we are invited to remember the great Tomie DePaola with somber joy in all his contributions, between book covers and beyond.

Our host today for Poetry Friday is Amy at The Poem Farm, where she continues her extraordinary poetry video series from inside the belly of Betsy, the blue poetry camper!


  1. Ha! Inside the belly of Betsy. I'm so enjoying all the poetry celebrations this month. I feel like I could spend a day on youtube. Your transmission dynamics parallel to the greening of our earth in spring is kinda weirdly spot on. After all, it is a virus, a living thing that blooms...but I don't want to like your perfect metaphor. I can't help it. You are right.

  2. I much prefer your virus of blooming through spring than our current pandemic. It's genius how you wove the two together.

  3. "Takes our breath" indeed. I'm enjoying (more than usual) the viral spread of spring blooming. Next up in our neck of the woods -- redbuds.

  4. Amazing this spread - you truly capture it, Heidi. And your reading - thank you! Such a beautiful poem and wonderful read. I loved to hear it in your voice. This tech learning curve is real...your students and others will love hearing your poems. Much health to you and yours. xx

  5. Hi, Heidi! I love seeing you on the video!! Your poem gives a positive spin to the word "pandemic."

  6. Amazing turn in the 'Transmission Spread'. It made me very happy, Heidi. And because I've never met you, I loved seeing you share your poem. I imagine your little Pre-Ks will love it, too! Get some rest this weekend!

  7. This is brilliant, Heidi! I love that final stanza. Spring is rather slow here this year, so I really appreciate seeing your "gold touch[ing] green." Seeing you read "April Gale" was the perfect way to begin my day. Thank you for that treat!

  8. Your amazing sense of humor runs through this post. I want to adopt the term ProgPo fever. I love the slant take on blooming spring. We need to find these humorous and hopeful moments as much as we can.

  9. Wow! This is brilliant. I especially love the final stanza. I'm hoping your creativity is infectious.

  10. Hello, Friend - very interesting take on Spring this year. Sigh. On a more positive note, I finally got MYself over to YOUR YouTube Channel and watched/thumbs-upped your wonderful offerings thus far! Thanks for sharing all, and continued wishes for safety and health for you and your beautiful family.

  11. THIS is the pandemic with need to 'take our breath'! Thanks for the 'masked' smile. :)


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