Friday, April 17, 2020

npm2020: poetry videos day 17 "Rooftop"

My National Poetry Month Project 2020 is to record a short video each day in April, presenting my published poems to poetry lovers of all ages.

Today's poem is for anyone who has ever wished to spend more time up high on a roof--especially in the dark.

Roof Top

The roof, the roof!
Over above us evening the clouds--
a platform for diving into the sky
into the radiant gloom of the moon
      we climb and we rise
      from the tarry bloom
on the roof--
a table for dining out on the night
out on the towering stoop of the world
      and the milk winds swoon
      in our dizzy hair
on the roof--
a bandstand for jiving under the heights
under the music of furious blue
      we spin and we sparkle
      too close to the edge
on the roof!

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