Saturday, April 11, 2020

npm2020: poetry videos day 11 "Shell Game"

My National Poetry Month Project 2020 is to record a short video each day in April featuring me presenting my published poems.  For poetry lovers of all ages!

Today's poem features the incredible inedible egg...

                     Shell Game

everything about an egg
 is smooth or round or cool
the shell     pin-thin and brittle
the yolk      a little mound of sun
   the white   sticky-thick and spreading

resting still as a stone in your palm
everything about an egg
is nothing like
a chick


  1. Second one of these videos I watched. I remember this poem fondly!

  2. Oh, lovely. A little mound of sun....beautiful. You need to get another book going. You are as they say in the trade....."Some Writer".....(appreciation to E.B. and Charlotte and Wilbur.)


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