Monday, April 13, 2020

npm2020: poetry videos day 13 "Night Luck"

My National Poetry Month Project 2020 is to record a short video each day in April featuring me presenting my published poems.  For poetry lovers of all ages!

Today's poem is another good one for bedtime...

Night is deep in a dark box
deep in a cushion of down
   nestled in tissue
   tied with ribbons
Night is asleep in the dark

Night wakes with curious paws
wakes in a furry fog
   wrestles the tissue
   nibbles the ribbons
Night is awake in the dark

Night tumbles in velvet directions
tumbles along to your bed
   wagging your worries    
   sniffing your wishes
Night is a friend in the dark

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  1. Just catching up on the blogs that I follow and watched this poem first. This is wonderful, Heidi!


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