Saturday, April 20, 2013

30d30w: word 20


secret whistles,
fiery code…
happy wrapping
hides the empty

something whispers…
furry coat, thumping?
sniffing whiskers? 


Oh my goodness--I slept in for a change (until 7) and then raced out with a dish of dirty rice and beans for a "Family Field Trip" at school, where we all went out to clean up along the Anacostia River and then came back for a potluck lunch.  I came home and completely forgot that I hadn't selected Word 20!  But here we are with Tabatha's subtle to start off the 3rd stanza, where I will attempt to repeat the form established in stanza 1.

I noticed in Laura Shovan's comment that--ssshhh--we might be hunting a whiskery gift.  And why not?  Stanza 1 could totally mean that...except my concept was utterly different (hence the grief-stricken post I wrote along with Word 12.) In my mind, the secret whistles and fiery code were the birthday boy's last efforts to call his missing pet home in time for the celebration, but even after the party, the cake, the unwrapping of cheerful presents in happy wrapping, the cage still stood sadly empty.

Now that the party is over, just when hope for the return of the prodigal pet has dwindled almost to nothing, there are noises off.....Is something whispering? Is there a furry sort of sound, a little thumping, a slight whiskery sniffing somewhere?  It's very subtle--but it's there, and hope is revived!  Pistachios might be just the thing!


  1. shift

    I saw this as (I think) Laura did--the cage is empty because the intended present has escaped. Interesting how we can have different understandings of what's already happened in the poem.

  2. I like the way the other stanzas began with an s word and a wh word, so I am suggesting wishes, even though I don't think his wishes would be subtle.


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