Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30d30w: word ten and bonus poem!


      secret whistles,
fiery code…
happy wrapping
            hides the

My apologies to Mary Lee, who has suggested ever so many juicy, powerful words for this poem and generally in life--and now I'm choosing her the!  You can see that I'm trying out a revised format, and if I thought this was a tricky exercise early on because of the indistinctness of the baby poem, it's MUCH trickier now that it's a bit more grown up and I begin to have my own aspirations for its future.  So perhaps choosing the is a stalling maneuver while I (we?) gather our thoughts and reflect...or while I remind myself not to think too hard!  At the very least, it sounds good...

And now here's the bonus poem.  Monday is Outdoor Education for me and my Mighty Minnows, and with giddy warm weather finally arrived we went out yesterday to enjoy bare arms and spring and to make our own word-by-word collaborative poem.  We rehearsed inside a bit--"What juicy, powerful words would fit into a poem about spring?"--but when we got outside it was purely spontaneous.  "Who's got the first word?" I asked.  With confidence Katja suggested flowers and we were off!  Of course there was coaching along the way ("What are the summer leaves DOING right now?") but each child really selected his or her word and they all own the completed poem, which they decorated all around with chalk when it was finished.  Crazy poetry fun!


  1. Ha! I LOVE that I scored with THE. It's like a breath when you're singing. Or the shifting of gears when you're driving an MG.

    Okay, Everybody...the...WHAT????

    PS -- love the mighty minnow version!

  2. Way to go, Mighty Minnows! My favorite is "rainbow life."

    The poem is growing and becoming more intriguing.

    My word today is...longing.

  3. The Minnows' "lemonade" brought sassafras to mind.

    The poem on the bricks is genius!

  4. I love that you chalked it on the wall. The Mighty Minnows must have loved that too, Heidi. My word today is "sadness". I wanted to go happy, but...

  5. Love your chalk poem! Thanks for sharing your Mighty Minnow joy!

    The crinkle...

  6. thunderous

    (It's thundering outside right now--so here's an adjective for another delaying tactic.)

    I loved your description of your Mighty Minnows and the poem they created. I can just imagine how these kids are growing. I made a black out poem in honor of you and your students from your paragraph, but apparently Word's highlights get lost in the translation in HTML. So now it's a found poem:

    Might Minnows,
    giddy, warm, powerful--
    confidence flowers!
    coaching each child.
    Crazy poetry fun!

  7. Hooray, Mighty Minnows! I love it.

    Word: red

  8. empty

    (I haven't visited in a few days, and I'm fascinated to see how this is developing!)

  9. The Mighty Minnows poem brightened my day! I love it!
    my word: confetti

  10. pistachios or surprises, depending on where your whimsy takes you. Although I must say that more and more I'm tempted to pick one of these annoying nonsense words that they make you type to prove that you're not a robot.


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